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Imagine Bokuto has a tendency to find random owls outside in the middle of the night trying to get into his house. Bokuto is a sucker for cute things, and always lets them inside. They sit above his bed all night. He shows up at practice the next day followed by three random owls, one of them sits on his head or shoulders the entire practice. Akaashi sends out a mass text to Nekoma, describing the event. Kuroo responds: “pics or it didn’t happen.” He gets pictures of Bokuto jumping with all three owls on him. Bokuto sitting with the owls on him. Bokuto existing with the owls on him. Bokuto’s many selfies with the owls. Akaashi doesn’t understand why he puts up with Bokuto’s shit. The creepiest thing is when they turn their heads in unison. Akaashi sends concerned texts to Yaku and Kuroo.  “I don’t think Bokuto has blinked all morning”, “the owl is still on his head”, “it’s been 2 hours”, “what is he going to do during class.” Then one of them decides it likes Akaashi, and refuses to move off of his shoulder. (He smells like Bokuto so the owls deemed him safe.) There are many texts begging Yaku to “come get this thing off of me please for the love of god it is prEENING ME.”

The owls nest in the gym, the school cant get them out, they keep coming back. Bokuto helps them build their nests, and by the end of third year for Bokuto, there’s like 15 owls in the rafters. The next year there are none. They all left. They never come back

Except those two. The one that liked Akaashi, and Bokuto’s head owl, but it never stays. The one that liked Akaashi though, it likes to bring Akaashi mice. And sometimes Bokuto’s head owl will bring notes from Bokuto, because that fucker kept the owl and is using it to piss people off even though he’s in college. Kuroo likes to print out selfies for Bokuto to send. Everybody is attached to that stupid owl.
The owl ends up making a cat friend, and Bokuto and Kuroo make jokes like “ayyy its us” and the cat attaches itself to Kuroo. Bokuto and Kuroo laugh for six hundred years and take lots of selfies with these dumb animals.

Some random crow follows Daichi around. “FuCK THIS IM NOT JOINING YOU GUYS”

AAAAAAAAAAA OMG IM SMILING SO MUCH everyone at nekoma was likee, pissing themselves laughing at the pics bc OWL MAGNET BOKUTO CONFIRMED

akaashi putting up with bokuto’s owls with lots and lots of patience and sighs and he doesnt even know how he does this anymore

oh noo when bokuto leaves the owls leave too… im so sad the true owl king is gone fukuroudani will never be the same

Grand rapids comic con loot.
Age Of Ultron. Hawkeye. Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 4. A local comic called Plume. A local comic called Animus, Rites of Passage (with the soundtrack). An awesome owl print. A awesome owl pocket watch.
And then today my dad gave me a One Piece book.
I’m happy.
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