Owlfred the owl. 

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Our lovely Owlfred has become the friendliest owl known to man. Always running over for a head scratch and some attention.

He was brought to use as a chick when he was carried over to a dog owner by their dog! Luckily he had no injuries and is now a perfectly healthy little owl! (:


Me and a couple of friends were talking and we agreed that if anyone was to write a life story. It would never end. It would just keep going and going, but what they did mess up on was it would be a run on sentence. It would never have period. You know why? It’s because a period ends it and your story never ends. Even when you die it never ends because someone else will continue your story by telling other people how great you are even when you think terribly of yourselves and when you die and that last comma is there, somebody will pick up with your story and write “she/he was”. These people could be your friends or enemies or loved ones. But they will write good things about you even when you are gone. So never use a period in your life story because you never end. You will always have a lasting effect on someone.

My friends have a lasting impact on me and I hope I do the same for them.
My friends just to name a couple are Emily, Maggie, Bee ( owlfred-f-jones), Ava ( mexicanmarshmellowxd), Scotland ( its-furry-love), and Amy.
They all helped me when I needed it the most. So I will continue their stories even when they are gone. I would like to thank them.

Emily- She always listens and helps. She will tell me the honest truth and I appreciate that.

Maggie- She is just a over all nice person and will talk to me when I feel alone.

Bee- not only is she a talented drawer but she would do things I would normally be terrified of doing and she always laughs at cheesy things which makes me laugh.

Ava- She makes sure I have total confidence in what I do and who does not love a good joke teller?

Scotland- She makes everyone attempt to get along and I will still be a shy person if it wasn’t for her.

Amy- She’s been with me through thick and thin. And I have done the same for her.

So, I guess to sum this all up. I love my friends and would change nothing and no using periods in your life story!

Thanks, Bow