So, as you’ve all heard, Ghost passed away and it really hurts.  I needed to do something special, as well as say something I feel is important.

I had originally found her blog on the early days of my Tumblr, one of the first blogs I had followed and one of the first artists in the fandom that I really admired.  Ever since then, her art has been nothing but inspiration for me and my own work.  The style and the way it gave the characters such personality, I loved it.  Most of her work and style inspired my own work and progression.  I personally thank her for producing such great stuff, as well as inspiring me enough to want to continue drawing.

My biggest regret is never getting to tell her that personally.  So let me leave you with some very good advice.  If you have someone who is an absolute inspiration to you, you tell them.  No excuses, tell them.  Don’t put it off and wait, just tell them.  Don’t give the “social awkwardness” excuse, because I did that and now I’m beating myself up for it because I never got a chance to tell an artist I looked up to just how big of an inspiration they’ve been.

You will be missed Ghost.

Everyone lost their minds over that secretary pony, Coco

But this poor fabulous pony just got lost in the mass Coco fanart

I think her name is Janine or Grace, I dunno, the fanbase is still trying to “settle on an official name”

My vote is for Janine because it’s cute