Due to many messages on HOW I DREW OWLBERTA’S B-DAY DRAWING and since I took pics from ROUGH to PENCIL to INK; thought I’d share how the process went down.

1.) I start with one of Owlberta’s gifs which I use as reference for the body pose, as well as the other headshot selfies for the shoulders and that gorgeous face. Then I drew a GESTURE ROUGH with my Drafting Lend Holder Pencil to create the ideal pose.

2.) I like to work with simple shapes and details and then do the REST OF THE DETAILING with INKS. So for this drawing, unlike all my finishing pencils, I just draw the body with tighter pencils but with no details on the eyes or body or even any indication of shading (since I plan to color this on my PHOTOSHOP 6).

3.) And for the GRAND FINALE, the INKS. I use MICRON PENS which are easier for me to work with on my pencil drawings. I rarely ink my work, but this B-DAY present is a special case because it deserves SPECIAL TREATMENT. Just look at that body and tell me it doesn’t. Anyways, the backgrounds are a repeated process with the Lend Holder pencil, but I used the INKS to make the details on the wine glass, the bottle, and countertop and of course, THE CAKE. I draw the eye lashes and body lines and the lines to create suggested movement of her hands all with the MICRONS. And you can see my HUMAN SIGNATURE on the bottom as the finishing touch.

So there you have it. Thank the gorgeously sexy OWLBERTA for being one of my favorite drawing subjects. <3