Hey guys! I’m back in the US, safe and tired of plane travel! I wanted to tell you guys about a cool thing that has been waiting for me in the mail while I’ve been abroad. I have been a fan of journeythroughunknownlands for a long while now, and I had a chance to participate in a giveaway she was running. I ended up winning this lovely owl in a box. Isn’t it just fab? I love it so much! It’s beautiful and the perfect size to take with me to places. Sarah’s work is lovely, meticulous and so very, very creative. Her sense of dimension is on point and I love seeing how vastly unique each new thing that she makes is. Y'all should go check out her blog and see for yourself!


Got my owl from itsybitsytiny painted up in the last week+ whilst being brain dead from rain. I went with a really stylized look since that’s where my own focus is going and the style of this one supported it. Also decided on the name of Sova as it means owl in a few eastern European language and knowledge in another. I think I’m going to get some new eyes, but in this shoot they are adorable as they matched a weed/wild flower from my garden.

May 17, 2015 - Elf Owl (Micrathene whitneyi)

Requested by: taylorrbranham

These small owls are found in northern Mexico and the southwestern United States. They are one of the smallest owl species, standing about five or six inches (12-15 cm) tall. They feed on invertebrates, including moths and scorpions, as well as small reptiles and young kangaroo rats. Although they can see well in low light, their excellent hearing also helps them locate their prey. During the breeding season, females nest in cavities in trees and saguaro cacti.