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You do have to feel sorry for the poor anon such there’s such a sad shortage of fic that isn’t femslash.

Oh gosh, I know. I do feel bad sometimes that femslash is so overwhelmingly popular. I mean, I like what I like and I can’t help what inspires me, but you know, I feel bad for people who like to see male characters in romantic relationships–there’s just so little out there for them. And God knows that people who like [pairing that I was told to write] only have two thousand fics to read on AO3–I mean, just compare that to the numbers for Pentilyet or Cassandra/Leliana or Leliana/Josephine on AO3 and you’ll see how desperate their situation is!

I should be kinder, I really should.

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I'm confused. Whoo is Dylan?

A character.

I was cleaning my room and found the notebook I started writing my first ‘full length’ novel in when I was 12/13. It was a very silly story (what do you expect a 12 year old to come up with in the first place) in which I tried my hand at romance (and failed) and Dylan was the protagonist’s love interest (a cocky dark haired asshole aka the only thing that hasn’t changed between 12 year old Nai and almost 18 year old Nai) 

me: *went to sleep late, wakes up early for work, still feeling bleh*

me: *gets a last minute call saying no need to come in*

me: whatever, i’ll take the day off. I need to do laundry anyway.

‘mother dearest’: *overhears I dont have work*

‘mother dearest’: I’d rather you be out there hustling money

me: nah

// At least three more stressful days including today, but I’m flying out tomorrow and I’ll spend some time on the flight writing replies and I’ll have all the free time in the world next week

Probably gonna pull a askdragonbladetalon and handwrite stuff on a small notebook, heh

Here’s hoping that my lab supervisor won’t kill me and that y’all won’t hate me b/c I keep wanting to get to all my replies but I keep having to do 283563 things during the day and then just passing out when I am done with obligations

*waves towel at the few fellow still alive hitchhiker’s fans*