• me:I still want to write that mob au we talked about forevs ago
  • rosekay:mob au? remind me!
  • me:well I forget how we fleshed it out beyond Ovi and Geno being in the mob and Ovi being ridiculous and Geno being long suffering
  • rosekay:ooooh, lol poor geno
  • me:I think it would be great though. Everybody thinks Ovi is a total goof and they don't understand why he's first in line to head up the operation and then one day somebody kidnaps Geno or hurts him really bad and Ovi goes all crazy wrath of god. At the end of it Geno has to be like I AM OKAY, YOU CRAZY PERSON, CALM DOWN.
  • rosekay:yesss ovi, mob king
  • me:with Johnny head of the Chicago outfit and Kaner still a hockey player. Johnny is like ‘STAY AWAY FROM ME, YOU'll GET HURT’ and Kaner is like ‘UM HI YOU'RE IN MY APARTMENT’
  • rosekay:hahahha, too bad gentleman johnny, is already taken as a nickname
  • me:welll, Marcone can lend it to him
  • rosekay:hahaha johnny is conflicted and like aging prematurely
  • me:at some point, Kaner probably winds up saving Johnny's life and they like, have sex next to the bodies of their enemies. ahem, um. Johnny's like, ‘WELL WELL WELL, HOCKEY PLAYER. YOU SURPRISE ME’
  • rosekay:yessss, soft hands, he can field strip a rifle in 20 seconds lol <--- made up numbers and terms from someone who doesn't know
  • me:lol, like I KNOW. Johnny used to play hockey, but then his family was murdered in front of him. sometimes Kaner cries about him.
  • rosekay:ooooh drama
  • me:when he sees how much of a sniper he is with a gun
  • rosekay:awww softie kaner, love it
  • me:Kaner: Johnny, imagine what you could do with a puck
  • Johnny:harder to kill people with pucks
  • Johnny:I suppose I could try...?
  • Kaner:That...is really not what I meant
  • rosekay:hahahahaha. johnny tries to poach geno, and ovi is like that is MY siberian sniper thank you very much
  • me:actually, I still think that Johnny should be quietly terrified of Geno. Ovi is like ‘WHAT? I AM WAY MORE SCARY’ Johnny is all ‘no you are not’
  • rosekay:hahahahahaha
  • me:and Geno’s like ‘I am harmless’ but JOHNNY ISN’T FOOLED. Geno just smiles mildly, but everybody knows that if you hurt a puppy or a kitten in front of him you will be trying to thread your own intestines back into your stomach
  • rosekay:yuppp
  • me:he has a soft spot for Sid. Ovi is like ‘THAT DUDE? Johnny's hockey player is way better than that dude’
  • rosekay:is sid also mafia?
  • me:nope, totally still a hockey player
  • rosekay:yesss
  • me:he probably saw Geno being really BAMF
  • rosekay:and is all gooey-eyed
  • me:Ovi is always trying to break the legs of random penguins players. Geno's like 'Sasha, what are you doing?' and Ovi's all ‘nothing...?’ He's got Nealer trussed up over a fire pit
  • rosekay:lazy! hahahaha. geno's like "hey i like that one!"
  • me:Ovi says ‘no hard feelings, Neal person, I just hate Crosbutt.’ Geno is oblivious
  • rosekay:he's the only one
  • me:Geno’s always saying ‘I don't understand your irrational hatred of the Penguins’