Alex Ovechkin continues to troll the fashion world by wearing the 2015 NHL All Stars cap despite the fact that whole uniform and color scheme should have been fired into the sun as soon as it was unveiled.

…I’m not sure this isn’t bizarro!Ovechkin, actually. He’s wearing more clothes than anyone else in the picture. He has a shirt on. A long-sleeved shirt. Something ain’t right.

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Hi! :D I just re-read your ficlet about Ovi chirping Geno about the engagement ring he bought Sid (a prompt from northisnotup), and was wondering if you had any plans on writing more in that verse?

Both North and I legit forgot about this one (between the two of us, we tend to have at least half a dozen fics ongoing on any given day), but like, I wouldn’t even know where to go with it, because on the one hand I want to devote 20k to Geno’s quest for the perfect proposal (only to get foiled by everyone ever every time he comes up with the perfect plan). But then I also want oblivious Sid who had absolutely no idea they were even at that level yet, but holy shit, that is the biggest, ugliest engagement ring he has ever seen, ever. 

It’s hidden inside the secret cookie jar in a cabinet in Geno’s kitchen, because of course he would hide it there – Sidney swore off cookies three months ago; it’s the perfect hiding spot, considering, but then Vladimir and Natalia had been visiting and Natalia makes these delicious chocolate chip cookies. They’re simply to die for and Sidney has always been weak for chocolate. 

He just wants the one, quick, before Geno comes back from the store, but now he has no cookie and a fucking engagement ring, and it looks small in his hand but it’s big and ugly and what the hell is he supposed to do now? There’s an engagement ring, with a fucking diamond, and it really is the ugliest thing Sidney has ever seen, but also, Geno bought it, for him, and what does he do? What–

“Sid? You still here?”

Sidney fumbles the ring before throwing it back into the jar and shoving it back where he’d found it. He slams the cabinet shut, spins on his heel and leans back against the kitchen counter with his arms folded across his chest, pretending at casual and failing spectacularly.

“Hey!” he says when Geno steps into the kitchen; his voice is so high it breaks on the word.

Geno stares at him. “Hello,” he says slowly, approaching with more caution than warranted, Sidney thinks, but then he sees Geno’s eyes shift to the cabinet behind him and Sidney panics. 

“Want to fuck?” he blurts out, and throws himself at Geno before he can get a word out, and well, when does either of them ever not want to fuck? 

So Sidney successfully manages to distract them both for a while, until they’re worn out and sex dumb and dozing on Geno’s bed in a tangled mess of sweaty limbs and Sidney has to take a moment to just breathe, because–

Geno wants to propose. He wants them to get married, and that’s- Sidney hadn’t even known they were there yet, that this thing between them that had started out as something fun and easy and then suddenly had become so much more, was something Geno wanted for forever.

Sidney blinks. He feels Geno’s arms tighten around him, pressing a kiss to his neck and whispering an accusation of, “You think too loud,” before dozing off again.

Sidney hums at him distractedly. He pets Geno’s hair absentmindedly as he thinks about the engagement ring hidden inside the cookie jar in the kitchen cabinet. He thinks about Geno going into a jewellery store and picking out and buying it, for Sid. He thinks about how ugly it is.

And he thinks, as he lies in Geno’s arms, that he’s going to have to wear that ugly thing, because this, right now, forever, with Geno, is something Sidney wants too.


Sidney is going to get so much shit for that ring.

RMNB: You brought up Ovechkin. When is he finally going to win the Stanley Cup?

DC: Many people started believing in Washington again this year, but they lost to the Rangers. You cannot just blame Ovi. If everybody on that team played like him – the Capitals would have won the Cup many times by now. It would have been a dynasty! Ovechkin is one of my favorite players. Did you know that?

“Ovechkin is one of my favorite players. Did you know that?” - Don Cherry, 2015