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@kurtisblowofficial and I performing” If I ruled the world” when I was 17 at ward 8 day #GodFather Hiphop #KurtisBlow and HipHops God Son Me! #OverTymeSimms (at Shrimp Boat)

So After The Show today it hit me How much I really appreciate all you guys and all the love I get on the daily in return since I know some of you can’t make it to every show here’s a Digital Version of the Free Cd I give out at my shows for all of you who has supported also added five Bonus Tracks for you all thanks again #OverTymeSimms #Wish #Mixtape #DatPiff

If you ain’t fuck wit when I was recoding in the basement …. Most likely we not friend n I’m really not trying make no more friends carrying deadweight won’t happen 2013 I’m about me n my team #guddamusik #ppboe #onpiontent #studio9av #overtymesimms n my blood family who supports and my son !! Just getting it straight !!