if your witchcraft is “using money to buy yourself an amount of things that would take 34 earths to sustain if everyone lived like you” then like what magic are you doing exactly? like please explain to me how you aren’t just some boring overprivileged housewife who can afford to use 13 baskets of strawberries a day and commission a staff of 4 to grow you ~organic~ ~local~ herbs

of course you’re ~healthy~ and ~grounded~ you’re rich as fuck

I CANNOT believe this. I was on a plane and the flight attendant passes by my seat and says, “Hello, Ma'am. Can I get you anything?”
CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? This CIS MALE SCUM THINKS HE CAN CALL ME MA'AM? Outraged, I yelled, “HEY CISCUM, JUST BECAUSE I DRESS AND LOOK LIKE A GIRL DOESN’T MEAN YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO CALL ME MA'AM!” He looked at me in confusion and he opened his mouth probably to spout more trash, then I yelled, “RAPE!!! RAPE!!!! GET THIS OVER PRIVILEGED WHITE MALE OFF THE PLANE!!” And I slapped him. As he walked down the isle to get off the plane, all of my fellow feminists clapped for me. Serves this trash right.

Old Man Thoughts

Everyday I work with an Old Man bus driver. He says many ridiculous things. Yesterday Old Man said in his very disgruntled voice “I used to own 52 apartment buildings. I used to go to these buildings and see these people using EBT cards. Their kids would be outside eating bologna sandwiches, while they were inside eating lobster and steak.” My response “Well, most kids don’t like lobster and steak.” Old Man continues to think I am too young to understand the world. 

But that’s the problem, those in power truly don’t want you to have any. If an inch is the unit of measurement for length then a voice is the power equivalent. “Give a nigga an inch he’ll try to take a foot.” I wonder where that phrase comes from? Because as screwed up as it is it definitely isn’t true. Because all I see is people(some for the very first time in their lives) with power yet using it to spread bullshit and lies. Your ass been mute your whole life and the one time you have an opportunity to speak your going to just repeat wtf someone else says!? You can’t be serious… What I mean social networks are a platform to communicate with multiples of people at one via video pictures and text that we could never do in person without months of work… And you mean to tell me Hate sex reposts of funny shit is all you have to say all. We need to do better. #overprivileged #spoiled #selfcentered and #blind. Wake up.

The funniest/saddest part of life to me is how the superior are treated as if they are inferior and the inferior are treated as if they are superior. I’m part of the latter. I’m never going to deserve the happiness I’ve been given. But it’s also unacceptably ungrateful for me to not be happy all the time. Either I pretend like it’s okay for me to be content when it’s actually disgusting, or I refuse to be content and forever be an ingrate. There’s no hope for me to be a worthy person.

my friends are getting the experience to do an exchange in France for a month and all they care about is that if their a fucking Starbucks there and seeing if the men there are hot, oh no not the fact that some of the earths most beautiful art is there, not the fact this place it self is beautiful or maybe they can learn more about their second language and how different other peoples lifestyles are! NO! All they fucking want is to go and try and meet guys when they cant even find any in their own country. THESE FUCKING OVER PRIVILEGED GIRLS THO I SWEAR 

…entire generations of America’s ruling class had been unwitting guinea pigs in a vast eugenic experiment run by scientists with a master-race hidden agenda. My classmate Steve Weisman, the Times editor who first called my attention to the letter, pointed out a fascinating corollary: The letter managed in a stroke to confer on some of the most overprivileged people in the world the one status distinction it seemed they’d forever be denied – victim.

The Great Ivy League Nude Posture Photo Scandal

Ron Rosenbaum

The New York Times