The Cancer Call

When cancer comes, prepare to meet the real YOU
When the going is rough
When life is at it’s stiffest challenge
When medications warp your senses
When you are at your weakest and desperate state
The real you comes out

When cancer comes, call on God
Know that you have a direct link to God Almighty,
who is in control of everything
Your body may fail but He never fails

When cancer comes, it is the time…
To test true love from family and friends,
I pray it will shine
To stretch your faith to the max,
I pray it will work
To feel real peace in the midst of the storm,
I pray it will anchor you
To summon up courage in the midst of fear,
I pray it will move you
To prayer more fervently,
I pray it will calm you
To control your mind and focus on the positive
I pray it will lift your spirit
To feel pure joy despite the circumstances,
I pray it will be your strength

—  Marita’s musings on her multiple myeloma miracle moments

Guys I am begging you to click the link. My previous post has over 200 notes, but the site only has about 30 more clicks. Please, I am begging you. There is nothing I want more for my best friend than for her to meet One Direction. Please help us.

This girl means the world to me. When I was suicidal she helped me see the brighter side to life. It was through One Direction that we made our bond and it brought us together. She lights up a room just by smiling. She is always putting others before me. And it sickens me that cancer is trying to take everything good and special to me away. She is a fighter and I can think of no one who deserves to meet the boys more than.

Recently we had a discussion where she told me that she believes that it just isn’t in her cards to meet the boys. I told her to never give up and if it was the last thing I was going to do I was going to make sure she met the boys. I told her that we were going to conquer cancer together and rub it in its cruel face that we won and she made her dream of seeing the boys come true. Please Please Please help us.





these two signs were not made for lighthearted flings or temporary relationships. they both have tremendous staying power and highly value dedication and commitment. when together, they thrive in goal-orientation and discipline, sharing a strong sense of purpose and and down-to-earth natures. they both like to focus on immediate surroundings and problems, dealing with whatever is directly in front of them first, and fleshing the solution out until the issue is thoroughly resolved. this tendency will serve the two signs very well in a cancer/virgo relationship, as they will never go to bed angry or allow an argument to last.

this relationship has the potential to get better and better, but the initial differences, before the relationship can even be established, will be difficult to overcome. cancer natives are ruled by emotion whereas virgo natives are often distinctly unemotional folk. virgo is a sign that places practicality, common sense, strong principles, and logical reasoning over emotional reactions and sensitivity. they value clear communication and reside in the earthly realm—rather than the elevated, feeling realm. virgo natives are also often highly critical and skeptical, which is likely to cause many problems for the easily bruised cancer.

I Found My Old Calendar Back From 2010 And Found This Written In There Along With The Day I Started Chemo And All Of My Appts/Scans N’ Such & I Must Say I Broke Down Crying Right Now. I Know They Say Hair Is Just Hair But Its MY HAIR! I Grew Lol. Having To Be Bald For 5 Months Or So Was So Hard I Felt Ugly & Wanted I Wore Wigs To Feel Somewhat Attractive, Although I Had My Family Who Loved Me Unconditionally And Would Tell Me That They Loved Me. I Know I am ALWAYS Writing Something About Me Overcoming Cancer And Some Of You May Be Annoyed But This Was A Huge Milestone In My Life. And Every Day I Look At My Scars And Think Damn I Look Like A Road Map But My Scars Have A Story. I Have A Story. I am My Own Hero.

I am
Feeling really ill
My mother overcomed breast cancer
But. I again,overheard the conversation
But i am really scared, really really scared, i hav e an extreme urge of hurting myself, but what will that do besides hurting peopl i love over my selfishness?
I need to talk with you, i am scared and i am so useless, i cant drag on, what if my mother does actually have lung cancer?
My mother is mentally ill, i am too but i takce care of her
I want to help
I dont want t lose anyone else i dnt want to be alone
I am trying to help
But who is going to help me?

'The Whole Pantry' App Developer Admits Faking Cancer to Boost Sales [iOS Blog]

After facing a wave of controversy in March over reports of false claims made towards her cancer diagnosis, Australian indie developer Belle Gibson this week spoke out, admitting that “none of it’s true” in regards to her ever having cancer (via News.com.au).

Last month, when $300,000 of her app sales failed to find its promised home at certain charities, the legitimacy of her cancer claims began to be questioned. Gibson is the founder of The Whole Pantry, a healthy lifestyle and diet app that focuses on naturally-occurring ingredients and solutions to complicated recipes.

Gibson claimed that her app, which launched in 2013 on iOS, was the culmination of a lifestyle and choices that helped her personally overcome terminal brain cancer, a statement she’s now claiming to be completely false when talking to The Australian Women’s Weekly earlier this week.

“No. None of it’s true,” she confessed. “I am still jumping between what I think I know and what is reality. I have lived it and I’m not really there yet.“

“In the last two years I have worked every single day living and raising up an online community of people who supported each other … I understand the confusion and the suspicion, but I also know that people need to draw a line in the sand where they still treat someone with some level of respect or humility — and I have not been receiving that.”

Amid the firestorm against her, Penguin Australia has stopped selling her book and Gibson has faced monetary troubles as numerous accountants have instructed her to provide any leftover funds from The Whole Pantry’s sales to the charities she initially pledged money to.

The Whole Pantry Apple Watch app before it was removed by Apple.
The Australian Women’s Weekly suggests that Gibson may suffer from Factitious Disorder, whose sufferers feign illnesses and disease to gain a wider audience and recognition. Despite the whole ordeal causing her to shut down The Whole Pantry’s Facebook page and even her own personal Instagram account, Gibson hopes her honesty on the matter helps her grow from the situation.

"I just think [speaking out] was the responsible thing to do. Above anything, I would like people to say, ‘Okay, she’s human. She’s obviously had a big life. She’s respectfully come to the table and said what she’s needed to say, and now it’s time for her to grow and heal.’”

Apple began promoting Gibson’s app The Whole Pantry as a featured spot on its Apple Watch app page, going so far as to fly Gibson out to Cupertino to assist her in being one of the first-wave launch apps for the Watch. The company ended up pulling the app from its App Store, and stopped promoting the Apple Watch version, when the fraud allegations began in March.

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The Story of Audrey Caust

Audrey Caust, a women who lives in St Austell, Cornwall. She has been through three types of cancer and overcome them all, and now lives alongside her husband in a small bungalow on a farm. Audrey is an incredible women who inspired me to take on this on going project of ‘Touched by Cancer’. With this project I wanted to show people who have been touched by cancer, and luckily pulled through and are now living their life happily with their loved ones. The story of Audrey is exactly what I wanted and I plan to continue this project as time goes by. 

anonymous asked:

If you had 4 wishes, what would you ask for?

Um hard question. I just want the ones I love to be safe and healthy, this is gonna sound weird but I want Taylor’s mom to overcome cancer, I want my loved ones to be happy and I just want to be accepted in the uni I wanna study (fingers crossed).

Bodybuilder overcomes cancer and paralysis to win Mr. India 3 times

Bodybuilder overcomes cancer and paralysis to win Mr. India 3 times

Anand Arnold found his passion early in life. He started training to be a bodybuilder at a young age, and won his first bodybuilding trophy at only 13 years old. Two short years later he was diagnosed with cancer in his lower spinal cord.

After an operation he was left paralyzed from the neck down, with only a little feeling in his hands. He didn’t give up on his dream however, and he continued…

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Why You Should Watch the Film Cancer: the Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer

Cancer is the most feared of all illnesses. It strikes one of every two men and one of every three women during their lives. So now we have an visual experience which helps us to understand what cancer is, how it has changed, what oncologists use to treat it, and how a patient can successfully overcome cancer.

The film Cancer: the Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer has recently appeared on PBS. It is based on the Pulitzer prize-winning book by Siddhartha Mukherjee, which is an excellent read. Let me give you my thoughts on the film.

The first segment of the three part series evokes intense emotions in viewers. It helps to juxtapose the historical challenges with the modern therapies, many times successful and sometimes not, with compassion and sensitivity. Personally, it is wonderful to see videos and photos of my past colleagues whom I knew personally and who contributed to my career in its early stages, and who bequeathed a generation of fine laboratory, translational and clinical scientists whose work and achievements are today curing so many patients.

In part 2, the writers focus on the book’s excellent review of the history of trying to find the cause of cancer. Although the focus only on a few specific gene mutations has oversimplified the biology of this devastating disease, the film helps put the varied causes of cancer (inherited mutations, acquired mutations, cancer producing chemicals, viruses, environmental causes and even hormonal causes) into an understandable framework for people including people who have cancer as well as people whose families have been challenged by cancer. And the compassionate recording of individual patients’ struggles to obtain remissions, cure, and palliation touch every viewer’s emotions. The second part succeeds in demonstrating the incredible power of translational research carrying basic science findings into the lives of patients and, in many cases shown in the film, creating remissions and cures.

In part 3, I was impressed by how sad I was at seeing many of the patients dying of their cancer, and the compassion I felt for their families. But, that is often the reality of caring for patients with cancer, the same emotions I feel every day in my office. But later in this segment, I was impressed by how well the filmmakers gave viewers hope, the real hope that my patients also experience when learning about new treatments that have been approved by the FDA, or when entering clinical trials. It is this hope that sustains patients, their families, and all of us who care for patients facing cancer.

The courage of the patients, who agreed to have their lives and treatments filmed to share with us, must be admired by everyone who sees this film. It is their stories and courage that will inspire other patients who fear treatments to undergo therapy, even on clinical trials, with hope and confidence.

As the author of the book described, cancer is evolving and so are we. I would rephrase this just a little. Our understanding of cancer and how to successfully treat it and the symptoms it produces is evolving and improving; and our ability to cope with cancer is also evolving with more confidence and hope in the future. I give my kudos to the producer Barak Goodman and Ken Burns for this excellent film.

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American Football Player Nate Solder Reveals He Was Diagnosed With Testicular Cancer in 2014

Gendron Recheche, #Cancer Nathaniel Perry Solder, (27), an American football offensive lineman for the New England Patriots, revealed he was diagnosed with testicular cancer a year ago. Solder was diagnosed with testicular cancer during a standard offseason physical workout program. He complained of pain around his testicle and doctors recommended an ultrasound. Three days later, he had surgery to remove his testicle. Solder was hesitant to be portrayed as overcoming cancer. He … http://dlvr.it/9WS9RP

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IV vitamin C therapy: A cancer perspective

(NaturalNews) Cancer patients need to understand the danger of vitamin C deficiencies – especially when looking to overcome a cancer diagnosis. In truth, most people suffering with any chronic degenerative disease are vitamin C deficient. Sadly, it’s a fact that Western medicine refuses…

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