People ask me what I do at my job, we’ll let me tell you: today I got here at 12:30 and strung 12 tennis rackets just got done at 6:50. Sold a lot of things, numbers are finally picking up. But No lunch. No break. No money. Want my job lol? Im starving, exhausted and I gotta come back tomorrow and do it all over again. I work 6 days a week at our shop and teach tennis before we open so I can save money. I work over 40 hours a week and everyone that has a small business knows that if you aren’t making enough profit you can’t get paid. The work life is real. Going home to sleep.
This is how I spend my last 10 mins at work, laying down. It’s what I look most forward to lol 👍

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Mr. Dojima, I have some very important scientific tests I need to run, but I have no one to test them on. Would you be so kind as to aid me with them. All you have to do is complete a few simple puzzles. There are absolutely no death, bullets, or neurotoxins involved. Your help would benefit all of humanity.

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I’m currently just over 40 away from my next thousand and it’d mean a lot if you guys would help me reach it. I’ll promo everyone that reblogs this and check out all new followers!

Secret Santa - call for volunteers

Hello everybody. TheThorLoki Week Secret Santa deadline is long time past now and we have waited as long as possible for everyone to deliver their gifts, but now we are opening call for 4 volunteers to make norse goodies for our participants who haven’t gotten to celebrate yet.

As of now, the call is open for any medium - fics, art, edits and gifs - but that may later change.

Please contact us via the submit page and simply state you want to volunteer and list what medium you can work in. Thank you so much if you decide to volunteer and gift your fellow fans!

And also huge thanks - and a round of applause - to everyone who has participated, we have seen over 40 amazing creations, which by the way you should all browse here!

Happy late Holidays!

6 chapters. Over 40,000 words.

I think, come tomorrow, it’ll be time to start posting Never Did Run Smooth.

*gulps* Wish me luck …

  • taylor swift:invites fans over to various homes
  • taylor swift:gives fans presents
  • taylor swift:performs songs that fans want at grammy's
  • taylor swift:donates 2k to student for student loans
  • taylor swift:covers shade up with videos of cats doing tricks
  • taylor swift:stalks over 40,000 fans
  • taylor swift:bakes cookies for radio stations
  • taylor swift:is taylor swift

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four names people call me:

  • neža
  • that’s literally it
  • i love it when they go nEZA tho
  • there’s neži sometimes too i guess????

four jobs i’ve held:

  • oops
  • no wait i did sell tickets for my moms theater show once
  • damnit i suck
  • sorry

four movies i’ve watched more than once:

  • i’ve watched Ratatouille over 40 times
  • the harry potter series except for half-blood prince
  • how to train your dragon 1 and 2
  • hmm well the entire nge series comes to mind but y’know

four books i’d recommend:

  • no.6
  • uhh idk i read books in slovene cause i can only buy english ones
  • any crime novel by Cody McFadyen really
  • i liked the David Levithan parts of Will Grayson, will grayson

four places i’ve been:

  • Paris
  • London
  • Brussels
  • a lot of Austria i guess

four things i don’t eat:

  • peppers
  • eggplant
  • too spicy things cause i’m a baby
  • pork i guess?? i just don’t like the taste

four tv shows i watch:

  • orange is the new black
  • gravity falls
  • in the flesh 
  • merlin

four things i look forward to this year:

  • changing for the better
  • realizing at the end of the year how much i’ve changed for the better
  • eurovision tbh
  • going to Japan

four things i’m saying:

  • omfg
  • uhh
  • i have no idea
  • i should’ve just put a really beautiful quote from no.6 or just one of the quotes where shion lengthy describes how much he loves nezumis eyes

i’m tagging ordonilia, i-feel-nothing-emptykwajchick and changbak and anyone who wants to do it but no one has too so 


There’s not even a difference of 3 years between these visits, but everything about Dean is different; from the way he wears his father’s jacket to the way he smiles. His shoulders are lower, beaten down from years upon years of torture. Gone is the cocky front and flirtatious grins. In its place is broken humility and raw honesty. He’s changed from the confident guy with one thing to die for to a mutilated man with nothing to live for.