This is how we kill them

This is how we kill them

This is how we kill them
not once but
over and
this is how we
reincarnate their
death, their
annihilation, their

This is how we do it; First
we pretend silence is neutral
and absence
and responsibility
something we have
We construct fantasy
cities of hapless
brahmins as hasbeens
in hierarchies
where caste is
dull as

Second; we
like conquistadors
our violences to villages
we have
the cognitive
mendacity to call
as though the actions
of those most penned
in by proximity
most carrotted
by aspirational
bribes are somehow
savage more

Third; we will lie
like a pandit
with fluency,
rhythm and
rote; we administer
platitudes and polygraphs and
we will
lie and we
lie and
We will state the
State who has
stated that caste has no
bearing to engendered
violence and structural
is qualified
to tell us the
Our truth is
triumphant like
any palm-leaved blazon
of power our
science is shastra, too
to be doubted.

This how we
kill them; now and
then and
two children,
two citizens who
wanted to
live and
to live
and to

(Context: Badaun)

…I think the biggest reason that retail conversation bothered me? The biggest passive-aggressive life-shrug ever. Like, I am going to try and make you feel bad for working at this company that outsources labor, even as I still shop here. Shame on you guys, my shirt from Bangladesh had a hole. Gonna get me another one, though.

 Fuck you.

 Life is made up of have-to’s and can-do’s.

There are things I have to do. I have to have a job, and at my documented skill level, until writing makes me money, retail it is. Corporate retail that outsources and destroys only slightly damaged clothes. Guilty, skewer me, as if I were unaware.

 You have to have your coffee in your body lest you get headaches and fall asleep at work. Those beans are basically being robbed from Africa and other places. I shop local and consciously when I can, but I have to have at least a little makeup on to work and sometimes don’t always have the extra dollar for the mascara that isn’t tested on animals. I couldn’t afford the clothes required to work in if I didn’t work there.

 In America and other “first world” countries we live with a lot of things we have to do because that’s how the system we’re born into works out.

 But that comes with things we CAN do.

 I CAN give my 30 dollars every month, split between Red Cross, Planned Parenthood and the ASPCA. I CAN save my pocket change to give to the homeless folks on my walk to work. I CAN be practical and do everyday things, talking about what needs to change to people who don’t realize chief among them.

 But no, yeah, the one thing I’m not doing is bitching to retail workers making minimum wage about how they should feel bad for one tiny hole in a 40 dollar t-shirt they couldn’t afford at full price either.

My bad.

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So, if we are going with the theory that Gigan and Megalon were created as robotic enforcers/bounty hunters, how do you explain Megalon being deep underground for God knows how long in Godzilla vs Megalon?

Outsourcing. Long-term.



IT’S NICE IF YOU DON’T LIVE HERE, but it’s a pretty big tourist town. Like I see mostly New Jersey license plates as opposed to Pennsylvania. And even though the actual factory has been outsourced IT STILL SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE FOR SOME REASON. 

[Romney] had the nerve to stand up in Janesville, Wisconsin, less than hour drive from us, and stand behind a podium saying jobs are a top priority, and talk about getting tough on China. And his company, that he’s the only CEO they’ve ever had, is moving my job to China, and 169 other people. They’re destroying our American dream purely for greed, and it’s just absolutely outrageous.

Tom Gaulrapp, who has worked at an auto parts manufacturing plant in Freeport, Illinois for 33 years. Two years ago, Bain Capital-owned Sensata Technologies bought the plant and announced plans to move the 170 jobs and equipment there to China. Gaulrapp is scheduled to lose his job the day before the election.

China will probably come up in tonight’s foreign policy debate. This is what Gaulrapp thinks of Romney’s rhetoric on China.

Read the full story at the Up w/ Chris Hayes website.

I give up.

I’m ass with names, so somebody else name this griffin for me please. :| Anything goes as long as it’s 1) plausible for ponyworld and 2) in good taste (and I am serious about needing a name so can we please keep the “lol tim” responses to a minimum, please and thank you).

eta: yep, she’s a girl. :B