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Name: Ren
Nicknames: Technically Ren’s one. But also Paviilious, FuckFace, BuggeredRen, Renley, Fuck Duck….
Birthday: October 21
Gender: Cis Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Height: On the shorter side of an average five-something.

Favorite color: Black, red, purple, blue…………
Time and date at current moment: Friday November 21st 5:51 PM CST
Average hours of sleep: Somewhere between five and eight, I’m sure.
Lucky Number: don’t especially have one. 3, i guess.
Last thing I googled: “good horror movies”
First word that comes to mind: Lavender
One place that makes me happy: onstage right before the house opens and no one’s around
How many blankets I sleep under: two, sometimes three

Favorite Fictional Character: Don’t particularly have one right now.
Book: i usually go with “Something Wicked This Way Comes” by Ray Bradbury, or “Treasure Island” by Robert Louis Stevenson.
Animation: aw, hell. i don’t know. loved Hercules, Aladdin, and Hunchback of Notre Dame as a kid.
TV show: Haven’t had one in a while. Bob’s Burgers rocks, i guess.
Favorite Beverage: Tea
Favorite Food: Chinese and/or sushi.
Last movie I’ve seen in cinemas: oh god. i saw Rocky Horror at the university center in October–does that count?
Dream Holiday: going back to England for a longer stay.
Dream Wedding: haven’t thought that far ahead.
Dream Job: Best selling author. Or being an ediotr. and/or english teacher

weightedbythemoon said: [i loved it soooooooo much! *screams and hugs you*]

[ I’m glad you sent that in, actually, because it gave me the chance to do a full-on test run of not-retarded Koumyou and apparently it worked out well. 8D;

I seriously thought, ‘This guy comes out once in a blue moon (hurr hurr) so he’s probably going to be such a bitch to handle’ but everything is just flowing out without effort so.

It’s going to be fun doing angst, and I mean as Koumyou-Koumyou, not fake-Koumyou. I’ll enjoy seeing him work. ]

[ I’m going to have a hard time making this some ‘before he died’ Koumyou so fuck that. This is going to be AU-Koumyou-is-a-badass-and-lives-but-is-also-sometimes-dead blog.

In any case, I’m glad you enjoyed that, because Koumyou just started doing stuff and I didn’t try to stop him. He had so many emotions I could tell. ]

ask-clopin said: {No need to go to any trouble for me friend :) I just thought you wanted stills for something, I thought I could share. I don’t need anything, but thank you! And in that case, if you ever wish to rp just pop into my inbox, we can plot or fudge about}

{ It’s no trouble!

~makes seductive Alan Cumming faces and “Cummingcome hither” gestures~ }

#[and also that i’m april weiss]


You’re April Weiss, and she’s Cortney Horror, and I’m Ren Majors even though I honestly don’t like Brad that much it’s better than “Ren Raff” or “Riff Ren”, which with my syllable naming system would’ve been the only other choice. Besides, I like that we’re all connected through April! That feels about right tbh! }


ѕωєєт αѕ ѕυɢαя, нαя∂ αѕ ι¢є…

A menacingly flirtatious, gutter minded alien transvestite with a questionable level of sanity; Frankie does what and who he wants. And though his claim to fame is that he’s a sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania, it’s best not to cross him. He’s completely okay with a little mercy killing here or there. Because let’s face it, fishnets and heels don’t make you any less of a badass motherfucker.

нυят мє ση¢є, ι'ℓℓ кιℓℓ уσυ тωι¢є!

ᴇᴠᴇɴ sᴍɪʟɪɴɢ ᴍᴀᴋᴇs ᴍy fᴀᴄᴇ ᴀᴄʜᴇ….

My bae’s back, huzzah! :D And right in time for the big anniversary, too!

Okay, so, anyone who knows me knows that when I discuss RPers, I only actually concern myself with three points of contact: Characterization, mechanics, and persona. I only have a handful of lovelies that I coddle and squeeze and paw at and adore from afar who possess the three in spades, and this sunshiney lovey-dove has them all! We only got RP briefly before I popped off the face of the planet, but now that we’re both back at once, I cannot even describe my excitement! Courtney is fantabulous writer and a devout fan of the film; she plays down no aspect of Frank’s wild seduction or insanity and manages a wickedly well-balanced intermingling of the two. Her Frank keeps well-mixed all the way down the line, actually: A little trashy, a little classy, moody, flirtatious, self-centered, dramatic, cunning, manipulative, and she maintains all this without deviating from the standard the script set forth without slipping into crack (which, honestly, is truly the most astonishing thing at all; you would not believe how difficult it is to maintain that balance without coming a Mary Sue or allowing yourself to slide off into silliness). Her writing, moreover, is mechanically sound and always on-point, well detailed and positively singing with Frank’s unique voice, and–most importantly!–she is genuinely sweet, fun, kind, caring individual who is a joy to see on your dash!

If you’re a Frankie Fan and you’re not following, I promise you, you’re missing out!


I don’t usually post photos, but tonight was fun and the cast DID request it! This is me at the Royal Mystic Order of Chaos’ performance at my university! This makes the third Chaos show I’ve attended–which, as a broke-ass college student, is pretty damn good! If ever I were to aspire to be in a shadow cast (which by now you all hopefully know I do, at least at some point in my acting career, fully intend to do), I would want it to be as awesome as this one! Thanks for the fun night, Chaos!

{ Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the latest belated addition to my wALL. OF. ROCKY! This poster was from when the local shadowcast (an AMAZING crew of people!) played at my university’s new auditorium.

sweettranzvestitefrankie: I only just realized—be still, my little shipper heart!—just how the upper photo was cut. That AND my favorite promo photo from the film? Royal Mystic Order of Chaos has got my back! }

{ Sometimes I think about making a new blog to join this really rad RPG I just happen to know about…
…and then sometimes I’m like, “Bitch please, you don’t got the time for that, plus how you gonna write for another new character?”

But just because I’m lame doesn’t mean y'all have to be! I’ve met both the moderators and a fair handful of the other writers, and let me tell y'all, they are amazing! Very kind, very friendly, very sweet and highly intelligent; we are talking about some seriously passionate people. They couldn’t please me more, even if they tried! Their writing is spot-on and they’re just–wonderful. Fantastic people out of character and solid people in-character, even if you don’t wanna join the group, you might want to consider following them! }

{ Hey there, fellow writers! So it turns out there’s this really neat service called a gender genie, which takes a small sample of writing and determines the gender of the author/speaker of the piece! The results are very telling and should help any writer–like yours truly–get a good feel for whether or not they are properly portraying the gender of their primary speaker! (At least, if they are trying to portray a certain gender.)

Shown are my results from entering the first 549 in-character words of this post into the gen(d)erator; entering the other 315 words, the results do vary (58.8% match, classifying as “Weak Male” for informal, which the service cautions could indicate European), but overall it really lets you know if you nailed your voice or not!

The service can be found just by Googling the term gender genie; the particular gen(d)erator I stuck with can be found here. I cannot recommend it highly enough! }