Why hello there~

Manic straightens his glasses as he looked to the pinkhaired girl. He smiled as he said,”Why hello there madam~ how are you faring?”

The girl had caught his attention..and rarely any female caused Manic to go in a tangent where he felt..strange..or act odd..

"Ahehe! S-sorry.." he replied as he became nervous. "My manners. I’m, um, Manic..and you are?"

He put his arm behind his green hair..as Kiwi on his shoulder looked to him.


Manic perked up in a panic and became nervous as he said,”Kiwi!” His face turned red from this.. “E-excuse me,”

He turned his back as Kiwi said, “Cati, cati,”

”..this is embarrassing..” he said. “…why is she so..and Kiwi, don’t bring it up. I’m nervous to show my face..”

(Decided to not go to school today because sidewalks are just too icy thus making it too dangerous to go to the bus stop to catch the bus. I wasn’t about to risk slipping and falling and possibly breaking a bone just for the sake of going to school. Yet my mom probably still expects me to try to go anyways and will probably be mad at me for not going because the sidewalks were icy -.- )

(Ok so first things first… I’m going to try to get my two owed replies for chaotic-lawful-objections and intxrdimxnsional finished, and then disappear for about 40-45 minutes [or longer] to play more Bust a Groove. I am really getting obsessed with it now XD )

(So I’m up to episode 84 “Guided Missile” and Aelita mentions that looking at the blackboard makes her eyes tired, after trying to copy Jeremie’s notes. Thus, I headcanon that Aelita needs glasses but doesn’t want to wear glasses. Though despite the fact that it was implied she only said “looking at the blackboard makes my eyes tired” because she was thinking about the mysterious postcard she got in the mail. I still think she really does need glasses but doesn’t want to admit it.)