So, after hitting 600+ followers recently, I finally decided to make myself a follow forever list. To be honest, I’ve been wanting to make one for quite some time now, but I never really got around to it. But I figured, ‘hey, why not? I may as well just get it out there.’ Thus, this list was born~

Alright, time for the break down. This list is made up of three different categories: Family, Friends, and a Honorable Mentions.

The Family category is made of those people who are just that—the people that I talk to all the time, the people I share personal experiences with, and most of all the people that I know can confide in when the time comes where I need a shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen. The list isn’t very big, but that’s a-okay.

The Friends category has those who fall in just short of the mark of family level. They’re the people that are a pleasure to talk to and are super great to roleplay with. We’ve had a number of laughs, and have shared jokes and feels alike.

The Honorable Mentions consist of those who I don’t necessarily talk to on a regular basis, but still like to send the occasional message or just stalk from afar. More so, I like to follow you because I am fond of your writing, but definitely wouldn’t mind having the chance to get to know you better.

                                             • FAMILY •

furyofbahamut | neniadellafine | -aerisgainsborough | knight-of-nibelheim | wutairose | persuadedbyboko | thamasanpainter | shinyshinigami | transientgunner | fecklessxyouth | transcendentxchronicles

                                            • FRIENDS •

atracaelos | bellatricis | boundlessheartbreak | curodiluo | demensdeus | falsamilitis | firaequis | historiafarronx | immortalguardian | itavisum | lucemtenebras | marginalfighter | minusgrace | praellias | protectorofgaia | relinquox | shockwavexpulsar | transientlion | weapons-dealer | wewereveryhappy | wingsofheartilly

                         • HONORABLE  MENTIONS •

ardoreanimo | apricatex | azul-tragedy | bumbleflyyouknow | burmecias-protector | flordorado | herpremiumheart | keyblxde | masochisticsadist | phantasmal-knight | seekerofdawn | spiritoffrostandfun | terminusvitae | thepartisancorsair | thundagabitch ( ruminationmagi ) | trouillard | virtusxcor | warriorofdestruction

Now, I don’t want anyone to feel disheartened if you didn’t make this list. I’m pretty sure I may have forgotten a few that I would have liked to mention. So don’t worry about it! I’m still thinking of you all, I promise~

So I was talking with Dev about ships and stuff, and we were brought back to the topic of Squall’s love for Zebras. So I went to find this old gem. For anyone that was ever curious about how my icon came about, now you know. I love this beautiful piece of art.

Credit goes to idno41269, who at the time posted this on a different blog that’s no longer active.



Hey everyone. Just stopping by to tell you all that I won’t be around much, if at all for the next four days. I’m going with my orchestra on a trip to Colorado and won’t be back until Sunday night. I’ll try and get on mobile to check up on things in the evenings, but no promises.

Alright, so long for now~

rainelloire replied to your post:

((Let her love you? XD jk sorta~ Would your Squall recognize her right away and realize who she is off the bat? :O Let your Squall guide you though xD))

[ WELL after some serious thought about this, I’ve decided it would go something like this: He knows who Raine is as a person, but since he’s still suffering from amnesia from something that happened recently, he doesn’t remember that she’s his mother. Like, he still knows that Laguna is his father since he seems him a bit more often, but he only vaguely knows about Raine. So really, she’d have to explain everything to him again. IF THAT HELPS ANY? ]

On the topic of Oerba Yun Fang:
  • バカ Shadow/Chris 「 reverse-gaia 」:I'm still going to steal her from you. |:
  • Simquall [Giselle]:Squall would sooner kill you.
  • Simquall [Giselle]::|
  • バカ Shadow/Chris 「 reverse-gaia 」:He can try. ||:
  • Simquall [Giselle]:Oh it'll happen.
  • バカ Shadow/Chris 「 reverse-gaia 」:Is that a challenge.
  • バカ Shadow/Chris 「 reverse-gaia 」:Are we having a duel.
  • バカ Shadow/Chris 「 reverse-gaia 」:バカ Shadow/Chris 「 reverse-gaia 」 TAKES OFF GLOVE.
  • Simquall [Giselle]:I DON'T KNOW, ARE WE?
  • バカ Shadow/Chris 「 reverse-gaia 」:WE JUST MIGHT BE.
  • Simquall [Giselle]:BRING IT ON, PUNK.


OutofJunctions; Sprucing up and adding peeps to my relationships page. Let me know if you want to be on it. Just as a heads up, some will be automatically added. Only rule is that we have to have interacted a few times at least so I, and Squall, knows a little something about your character.