Yup. That is right. Somehow I have managed to get over 100 followers on this account. And I am thankful for each and every follower that I have. I love you all and hope I get the chance to interact with all of you sometime. 

So because of this milestone. I’m having a giveaway. And the giveaway is an icon/promo give away. Basically I will make icons for the winner as well as promote them as well. Maybe even promote them on some of my other accounts as well. Sound good? Yay. 

So time for the rules.

  • This is for my followers only. That means only entries count if you follow. I’ll ignore them if you aren’t following me. 
  • That being said, if you follow me then unfollow me once the giveaway is over the you will not be included in anything.
  • You can have up to 2 entries. One like and one reblog.
  • This is for rp blogs only.
  • Post needs to reach 20 notes or else it won’t happen. (This doesn’t include the reblogs of my own)
  • Random generator will be used to select the winners.
  • The contest ends on the 1st of February. I will post an announcement to declare when it is officially over.

And now for the prizes. There are going to be 3 winners. Hold onto your hats cause now it’s time to tell what you guys can win. But before that, the icons don’t need to be of the character of your rp account. You get one character per set which means that the more sets you have the wide variety of icons you can have. 

First place:

First place gets 3 icon sets off icons that will have aproximately 100 in each set as well as 2 weeks worth of promotion.

Second place:

Second place gets 2 sets of icons that will have approximately 100 in each set as well as 10 days worth of promotion.

Third place:

Third place gets one set of icons that will have approximately 100 in the set as well as a week worth of promotions. 

That’s it guys. Good luck to everyone and remember. I am a harmless potato.

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Name: Niamh
Goes By: Many names. Starch-mun, nonsensical, nonsensical-blah, nevee etc
Sexual Orientation:  Bisexual
Mun face: one of them anyways

Pronouns: she/her
Interests: Comcis, Marvel uh… Books
Fandoms: Marvel
Favorite Band: Dunno tbh
Favorite Singer: Once again dunno
Favorite song:  Really like Partners in Crime atm
Music Genre’s listened to: too many
Triggers: Don’t have any. Although seeing my nose bleed in a mirror does cause me to panic and get dizzy now for some reason so I guess that’s a trigger of some sort…. I think
How long have I been roleplaying?: About 4 years now
How often am I online?: Usually everyday after school.
Why?: I like rping and talking to peeps
Can We roleplay?: Yes now get your lil butts over here
Are you single? Can I flirt with you?: Yes. You can try but I’m very oblivious to flirting
I heard _____ about you. Is it true?: I don’t even understand. Ask if you wanna know.
UGH- You’re taking so long to reply! Why won’t you just reply to me?!: I run a few other accounts, have about a million replies on this account as well as starters, life and I’m a lazy ass at times.

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You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to! c:

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Headcanon where everyone goes to Sasha's dorm to eat because they all either don't know how to cook or don't have the money to

Outofbread : Yooooo!

Or it could be a dorm party! (since her and connie are like rebels!) yessssss I sooooo see this happening!