Do You Wanna Play Deductions?
  • Do You Wanna Play Deductions?
  • Sherlock

Based on this post.

"Do you want to play deductions? 
I wanna hear what you would say,
I never see you anymore,
come out the door,
like how we used to play!
I thought we could be buddies,
just you and me,
i want you to show me how!

Do you wanna play deductions?
It doesn’t have to be deductions.”

"Go away Sherlock."

"Okay, bye…"

- Mycroft starts taking his studies seriously-

"Do you wanna play deductions?
Or Operation in the hall
I think some company is overdue
I’ve started talking to a little plastic skull.
Isn’t that right, Billy
It gets a little lonely 
Not having you
Make fun of passers-by…
Boring. Boring. Bored. Bored. BOOOORED!!”

-sherlock has drifted and using cocaine, syringe in hand-

Stop. I know you’re watching.
You’ve seen the places i have been.
You say: ‘be better’ 
but I’m done with you.
there’s no incentive to.
Just leave me be.

We barely see each other
don’t bother me
what are you gonna do?

Do you wanna play deductions…


I’ll just go…

Without you.”


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Footsteps came to a halt as cerulean hues fell upon the spiky-haired brunet, a look of uncertainty falling over his features.  He seemed… really familiar somehow, like— a close friend, but Ven was sure he never saw him before.  Slowly a hand rose to his chest, clenching loosely over the fabric as his gaze dropped, thinking it over a moment, before his eyes widened and he looked back up.  Quickly, he bounded toward the other boy in the distance, shouting, “H-hey, wait!”

Updates! ☆

Just so you all are aware, I’m gonna be taking a small hiatus from here.  You all can still find me on my personal, posting nonsense most likely from mobile.  (I’m currently playing FFXII to occupy my freetime. ;;;)

More or less, I just need a break, I think.  |D;;  Clear my head, find my center, and to try and focus on other things.  I’ve been neglecting things in favor of roleplay a lot lately.  Aaand, so, a break is in order.

I WILL RETURN, THOUGH.  And I have replies drafted.  c:

Feel free to follow my personal, if you wish— though be warned, I really do post a lot of nonsense text posts :|  And my queue is multi-fandom at its best and worst.  |D

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Updates! ☆

Wow, it’s been so long!  Well over a year now, but I’ve finally decided to crawl on back and remove this blog from its indefinite hiatus.  Truth be told, I hadn’t even intended for it to remain on hiatus for as long as it was, but life kept throwing me curve ball after curve ball.  And, I’ll admit, life still isn’t exactly peaches and cream, but I’ll take what I can get and I think it’s stable enough to pop in regularly if anyone’ll take me.

will be affiliating with a masterlist, I’m just finishing up the application, but it’s an open one.  I’ve taken a long break from roleplaying actively, so we’ll see how this goes.

I apparently still have things in my drafts, but I haven’t actually looked at them yet.  It’s possible I’ll still reply, even if it’s been over a year.  Depends!  I can also start off fresh with anyone who wants a go.

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