i added jj garcia as a side character to this blog so if you wanna rp with him, let me know or tag ‘c: jj’

hes open to play with anyone - the navi page is not completely finished but you’ll find some details there :)

ronimoxley replied to your post: //in tears at school and the first place i come is…
// you okay, bb?


//yeah just my supposed best friend decided to text me a horrific message in my history class basically telling me im a shit friend. She was the one who ignored me for a whole week even though i passed out and had a panic attack. Sorry you don’t want to be bored with my life aha

im literally at the point where im like fuck it

might delete nicole and just carry on with matt because i know im not good enough to rp and im getting tired of just feeling unwanted y’know? i honestly don’t know :|

i know i suck and im honestly sorry