[Yeah I just went and buried Leah. I don’t have muse for her at all. This blog will be Skye only from now on. If you’re looking for a Lost Girl OC, you can find her on ainethewolf. I love AoS so much to have the lil agent share a blog with anyone.]

wtf google you little shit i need you one time and you give me stupid results what is this shit

i’m still stuck on the academy name„,i need„,an adjective„and that’s„all„,basically„but„„„„„i don’t know„english that much //shot


„i wanna do a thing like doubt academy„but„i don’t want them to think i am copying them ughh

but it would be fun if all your guys oc’s could be in it o v o

and if you guys use face claims,i could make you some sprites??? i guess„if you want„

or if i’m ever gonna do this ueuegug

ok i’m gonna stop posting random shit and go to school bye