Orange Tweets - "Gakuen K" release date as well as information concerning it and the Otome Game!

Orange, from GoRA, was the one to tweet today. 

In the tweets:

  • Orange announces that tomorrow, 18th January, on the G Fantasy magazine, the new series “Gakuen K” will start!
  • Although “K The First” started next month with Blue in charge of it, that project has traces of the K anime while “Gakuen K” became an independent spin-off of the main story of K with Orange in charge of it.
  • A lot of familiar characters will come out a lot on this book, such as Shiro, Kuroh, Kamamoto, Yata and Fushimi as well are all students! Munakata Reisi and Mikoto Suoh are also students! Anna Kushina is a teacher(one of the youngest member of K Project is Anna and she is a teacher! How are her lessons going to be with her emotionless expression, for example, reading literature? xD)
  • About the new radio drama CDs, they are all comedy of a completely unrelated serious tension that happens in the main story of K, like this project “Gakuen K”.
  • By the way, “Gakuen K” is also an adventure otome game, but that game and these comics are a different work from the same stage.
  • Specifically, Kuroh’s character is fatally different. Although, Orange thinks it’s better if fans see themselves first for details, when you see Kuroh of the comic books you’ll have some degree of “readiness”. (Excuse me, Orange, what are you plotting with Kuroh?)
  • After being grateful to be a private story, Orange showed each member of GoRA and they said it was interesting, but they also asked if it was alright, which Orange replied with a smile “It’s alright!” Actually, Orange itself doesn’t know if it’s alright or not. (o.o Holy Hell. Orange, what did you write so the other GoRA members had doubts if it was okay or not?! You don’t yourself if it’s alright or not! Oh, God. Are they gonna dance the hulla or what?)
  • But, interesting is the point! That’s what’s called entertainment, when it is amusing even if it’s not alright! Orange does work everyday, thinking so.
  • Orange thanks to all and reminds again that “Gakuen K” will start and to look forward to more K related works.

Please look forward to more informations!

Pink Tweets - The release of the "Gakuen K" drama CD and plot; "K Missing Kings" with "special snacks" from GoRA!

Pink, from GoRA, was the one to tweet today.

In the tweets:

  • Pink announces that the “Gakuen K” drama CD will be released. GoRA members wrote a scenario concerning this, although the settings may be same in the comics.
  • The music of the opening and ending of the game (“K - Wonderful School Days”), which angela sings is recorded in the CD. The music is wonderful for young girl games, but the drama seems to be unrelated to love or the specifications of it. Pink laughs.
  • The Golden King; Miwa Ichigen, which only talked in the anime by Kuroh’s recorder, reciting his poems, will appear as a director of the school and also Claudia, passed away more than half a century ago, will appear healthy.
  • The recordings are the spring edition, summer edition, autumn edition and the winter edition, so everyone can enjoy one scene of the school life of each season. In the autumn scene takes place the cultural festival and in the winter scene there is the semester/ term-end test. Moreover, the scenario of the drama CD of a store privilege is recorded on the appendix booklet.
  • The spring scene is an excursion - “the cherry blossom viewing” - a reminiscense of the Golden King; Claudia and Shiro. The number of second graders that went into that excursion is impressive. Also, there will be a scene called “medical examinations” describing the fuss of the medical examination performed in a junior high school.
  • The summer scene has the “Pillow War” where Shiro, Kuroh, Yata and Fushimi become roommates. The uproar begins when Neko, Shiro, Kuroh and the HOMRA members go to the school camp in the summer vocations. (Yata and Fushimi together in a pillow war fight! ^^) Also, there is the scene called “The Supplementary Lessons” where Yata is arguing back and forth with the teacher Awashima, on a hot summer day with the air-conditioner, in the classroom, broken.
  • The autumn scene is called “Annoyance of a Demon” in which Yata and Kamamoto struggle to be successful in a ball hiting game that opened in the cultural festival and also a scene called “The King’s Hiccup” in which Munakata can’t stop with his hiccups leads to a crisis situation. The school festival finishes with the scene of the teachers, Anna and Awashima, enjoying a drink in Kusanagi’s bar.
  • The winter scene is called “Munakata Reisi’s problem” in which Neko complains about the injustice of Munakata having good results to which Anna replies that there is no fraud in tests so Mikoto is dragged to do a test along with the teaching staff to combat Munakata’s perfection. 
  • Pink is glad if you can enjoy the insane school life never seen in the main anime. Pink asks for you to find a favourite story among the 2 CDs.
  • The date for the movie “K Missing Kings” approaches. Pink watched the full version of it and thought it was beautiful, with powerful images and music that when combined together, it was breathtaking. The only thing Pink knew and expected was the story. 
  • The beginning scene is, at first, full of tension - the thrill and admiration that the movie will start from here on. In addition, Yukari who made his first appearance on the movie. His face, his voice, his moves were beautiful to watch. He truly loves beauty. He moves as if dancing and dancing.
  • "K Missing Kings" on the end of this week! Another 4 days! By the way, Red, from GoRA, wrote a short piece card that will be handed to people who come to see the theatre version. This story will change every week. From 12th to 18th July we have the short story of Kuroh and Neko!
  • The story of the movie is set in Autumn. 
  • Until 19th to 25th July is the story of Yata Misaki’s birthday; 26th to 1st August is Fushimi’s story; 2nd to 8th August is Munakata’s story. The story are very short but Pink asks for you to enjoy them as “snacks” for the movie.

Please look forward for the movie and more informations!