A message to any of Momma’s scared babies in the US:

Ebola will not infect you.

It cannot be caught through the air or through food or water.

It can only be caught if you are touching an infected person’s bodily fluids.

Even if a person has Ebola, but is not showing any symptoms, you will not catch it.

Calm down and do not fall prey to fear mongering.

Stay safe, and stay healthy!

Will you all please stop fucking calling this Ebola virus outbreak Croatoan.

Supernatural is a TV show.

Not only is it extremely embarrassing, but it’s completely insensitive too. This is a real thing that is happening in real life not just some story on your dash. So while you’re all proudly announcing yourself as a ‘cult’ and telling people to get ready for the apocalypse, people’s lives are actually in danger. GROW UP 


The Ebola outbreak that has killed hundreds of people in West Africa since it started in Guinea months ago has reached its second wave and is “totally out of control,” said an official for Doctors Without Borders.

As of Friday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention put the number of cases at 362 — more than any other outbreak on record. Ebola is extremely deadly and this outbreak has killed 330 people, according to the World Health Organization.

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Hey guys, if you are in any of the red or pink area (or even outside of it), please be careful today. It is forcasted to be a major outbreak day, and tornadoes are already on the ground near Tupelo, Mississippi as of 2:45 cst. Please, please keep aware of whats going on. This outbreak may continue the rest of the week and tornadoes are so unpredictable. If you hear your sirens go off, do not ignore them. Please find a safe spot to hunker down (basement, interior closet, bathtub, ect). Today is not a day to fool around with mother nature. (4/28/14)

Ebola "Over there"

We tend to think of West Africa as “over there”.  My family doesn’t.  My sister, Regan spent 2 1/2 years living in Sierra Leone, so when we heard about the outbreak in Liberia we started paying close attention.  She’s especially affected and aware because this outbreak is affecting the lives of people she knows closely, not to mention an organization she cares about (The US Peace Corps).   She told me the other day that the market was shut down in her town in hopes that this would keep outsiders from coming in and bringing Ebola to their area.  This is a big deal because the local market is a huge economic driver for many families.  While I found this interesting, she understood it on a much deeper level because she knows the names and personalities that are affected and how.

I was also touched by a news story I read about a missionary doctor currently working in Liberia.  While I was in Africa, I saw how desperate people were for health care.  Heck, I even performed a minor procedure on a small boy.  I received instructions from my wife (a Physician’s Assistant) via spotty cell phone texts.  

Imagine for a second, being a doctor who could live at the top of society in the States…. but choosing not to.  Give all that up to live in the middle of poverty in Liberia simply to help other people who are as desperate as Da-de was when I cut on his arm.  NOW imaging that you’ve done that…. and because you made this choice you contract the freaking Ebola virus.  That’s the situation that Dr. Kent Brantly finds himself in.

NOW, imagine that people in America love you and somehow come up with an “experimental serum” to send to you in hopes that they can fix you.  ”Oh great” I would probably think to myself. “I guess it’s ok to think about my own health and wellness for once”…. I would then take the serum, obviously.  We’ve learned that this is not was Dr. Brantly has done.  Another doctor is with him, Dr. Nancy Writebol.  He gave it to her because she’s also infected.  Do you understand what this means?  This man gave his life of luxury up to go serve others and live without it.  He’s then challenged with the thought of losing life itself.  And he then decides to give that away to help someone else too.  What would possess a man to be so selfless?  What would you do in his situation?  Would you ever find yourself in this situation to begin with?  

Just for a second, pretend that this isn’t happening “Over there”.  And thing about it RIGHT HERE.

Over the next few days I intend on paying very close attention to what is happening to Dr. Keith Brantly.  I also intend on paying very close attention to anything he has said, or will be saying.  I believe that at a minimum, we as individuals should personally try and figure out why Dr. Brantly is doing what he’s doing.  What is his motivation?  Is his cause moronic, or is it beyond noble?



Notes from my sis after reading this:

There are also 2 Peace Corps Volunteers that have been exposed and are in quarantine because they’ve been exposed to people that had the virus.

The outbreak started in Guinea. Then expanded to Sierra Leone and Liberia. It seems that you focused more on Liberia where Guinea was actually the origination.

Ebola may have slid off the nation’s worry list, but that doesn’t mean the United States is ready to handle an outbreak of Ebola or other infectious disease, an analysis says. That includes naturally occurring outbreaks like dengue fever, tuberculosis and measles, as well as the use of bioterror agents like anthrax.

The report issued Thursday gives half of the states and the District of Columbia failing grades on 10 measures of preparedness, which include maintaining funding for public health services from 2012; getting half the population vaccinated for flu; reducing the number of blood stream infections caused by central lines for people in the hospital; testing the response time for emergency laboratory tests; and testing 90 percent of suspected e. coli 0157 infections within four days.

Is Your State Ready For The Next Infectious Outbreak? Probably Not

Illustration credit: Alyson Hurt/NPR


5 lies Hollywood taught us about Ebola and disease research 

The current outbreak of Ebola in West Africa continues to worsen. Nearly 700 people have died from the virus across Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, including Sierra Leone’s top Ebola doctor.

Fortunately, the closest many of us will ever come to understanding the spread of hemorrhagic fevers is from Hollywood. Unfortunately, most of those dramatizations propagate entertainment at the expense of reality.

The Ebola crisis doesn’t line up with Hollywood

Please fire me. I had to call in sick to work today (I have bronchitis & Pneumonia), and my supervisor replied that I needed to give them two hours advance notice. I called at 8:30 AM, my shift starts at 9:30 AM, and my supervisor doesn’t arrive until 8:00 AM. I’m sorry, was I supposed to call at 7:30 in the morning to a location where no one will pick up the phone?

What you need during a genital herpes outbreak


Dermoplast pain relieving spray

I found this in the kit my sister got after giving birth, it’s a miracle worker. DO NOT get the antibacterial kind, blue top only!


Perineal warm and cold packs. You can get really fancy and by these special, or you can just get a regular flexible cold pack. I’ve also heard of people wetting menstrual pads and freezing them but my skin is super sensitive during an OB and disposable pads just are horrible. You could use cloth pads though. There’s also undies with pockets you can fit them in, but the less walking you do during an OB the better.


Perineal Irrigation Bottle. Especially if you have a particularly bad OB, peeing can hurt and wiping is like fire. You can put a warm wet wash rag put on your sores as you pee or you can squirt these bottles and also use them to clean up. Then use a gentle towel to gently pat dry.


Sitz Baths. Need I say more? It makes your genitals happy.


Oatmeal Baths. Speaking of baths, grind up about a cup of non-flavored oatmeal and put it in a warm bath. Relax and enjoy!


comfy, loose, cotton underwear or no underwear at all! Your genitals need to breath and need to not be contained by tight and uncomfortable underwear. (Boxers are great for everyone)


hair shears. If you like to have groomed pubic hair, you’re not going to want to shave any time around an OB. Outbreaks can also leave sensitive skin, so even after it’s all healed you may not want to go back to shaving. You can use good hair shears to cut pubic hair really close to the skin and keep up a groomed bush.


Notebook. You may not need an actual notebook, but really examine when you have outbreaks. Some people have them at certain points of their cycle, some when they’re sick, some when they’re really stressed. Try to find the pattern and then you can attack! If your menstrual cycle is the problem (if you have a menstrual cycle), birth control can help. If getting sick or stressed is the problem boost your immune system with vitamin C, Echinacea, Garlic, good food, exercise, plenty of rest, and water. Also think about getting flu vaccines or taking medications like valtrex to suppress the virus. Ask your doctor what you can do to make your outbreaks shorter, milder, and less often.


Self Care! Really, just do what you can to enjoy yourself and relax during outbreaks. Stress can make it worse, and there’s no rule that says herpes has to be the worst thing ever. It’s easy to get down on yourself during an outbreak, especially because of the stigma attached, but don’t let yourself go down that road. You are not your Herpes, and Herpes does not rule your life.

What are some of your tips and ideas for coping with outbreaks?

What does Ebola actually do?
By Kelly Servick, 13 August 2014 ||  Science/AAAS | News

Behind the unprecedented Ebola outbreak in West Africa lies a species with an incredible power to overtake its host.

Zaire ebolavirus and the family of filoviruses to which it belongs owe their virulence to mechanisms that first disarm the immune response and then dismantle the vascular system.

The virus progresses so quickly that researchers have struggled to tease out the precise sequence of events, particularly in the midst of an outbreak. Much is still unknown, including the role of some of the seven proteins that the virus’s RNA makes by hijacking the machinery of host cells and the type of immune response necessary to defeat the virus before it spreads throughout the body. But researchers can test how the live virus attacks different cells in culture and can observe the disease’s progression in nonhuman primates—a nearly identical model to humans

Continue reading to find out some of the basic things we understand about how Ebola and humans interact …