I haven’t like had a close friend since like 5 yrs ago and like if I put the total amount of time I actually had friends together it’d be like 2 years at the most I don’t even remember what it feels like to have a close friend or really even be close to anyone crIES

He accidentally makes you feel insecure (requested) - Preference #292


Dan -

You were out to lunch with Dan after some well needed attention. He had been busy lately and you were feeling neglected, so this lunch put you into a significantly good mood. Plus the fact that you were starving made it even better, “This is so good,” you murmured, digging into your pasta. “You’re still hungry? That’s your second plate right?” Dan wondered, taking a sip from his sweet tea. “Um…yeah.” You answered, dropping your fork. I should probably stop, you thought, plastering a smile onto your face and sticking with water for the rest of the meal.


Phil -

Phil enjoys picking out clothes for you and after a few dresses he had handed you through the dressing room door, he had brought back yet another. You had fallen in love with it, but unfortunately it was way too small. “Really? It looked like it would fit…if you want i’ll get a bigger one.” He said, not thinking about his choice of words. As soon a he said that, you felt incredibly insecure; you knew he didn’t mean to, but it still hurt. After you handed the dress back, you left the store without buying anything.


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Greyson & Liam || Check Up

Greyson’s day was going slow, and he hadn’t even gone out for lunch yet. It was a busy day and it was already 2 o’clock. He was waiting for his next patient to come in for his annual check up. A young man. A very cute young man. Maybe he could brighten up at that. As he remained sat in the room, his nurse had gone to get Liam from the waiting room. “Mr. Carter? Liam Carter? Doctor Smith will see you now.” The woman said.

tfw you go out for lunch and come back to naruto spoilers and start getting lightheaded bECAUSE SASUSAKU

anonymous asked:

My friends were talking about the CharlieCharlie Challenge the other day and They were joking about letting him loose in the school right before they graduate. None of them are witches and they don't know I am. We usually eat lunch out of the cafeteria under the stairs and when I got there my friend either started to or did summon him. I haven't noticed anything weird so I think they didn't actually do it but I'd really like some advice on how to protect myself and them.

Hello there~ ☽♡☾

While this challenge is very, very dangerous for people not educated in spiritual matters, it is also possible that your friend’s attempt was all-for-not. As a very old and powerful spirit mentioned in Mexican folklore, it’s hard to believe it can be summoned with a few pencils and an eraser! All the same; all you can do for now is to carry a protective charm or item with you until school lets out, and preferably not hang around that area if you experience any heavily negative or harmful energies from now on.

I’m not sure if you joked with them too, but in the future, simply take a neutral stance against things like this. It is not personally your fault that they chose to do something promoted all over the internet, and there is nothing further you can do. It is very good that nothing seemed to happen, though!

Hopefully this continues to be the case until the end of the year, and let me know if anything further happens or you need any advice ~ Have a wonderful day

➺ Rainy

i know that you, you’re taken for spool

Seriously, Niall. Why has a dead U.S. president peaked your interest?” Zayn murmurs, swiping the phone from Niall’s hands and closely inspecting the lock screen, a picture of John F. Kennedy during a speech.

“Josh and I were joking about his affair with Marilyn Monroe during lunch and he caught my eye,” Niall answers, scratching at his navel. He leaves out the part where he also went out to lunch with Harry, where he encouraged Niall to kickoff some more Mr-Steal-Yo-Girl actions around Zayn. Although Niall thinks Harry is a real dope who shouldn’t be allowed real humans, he’s not gonna lie, he does do it. 

words: 8190

rating: general audiences 

warnings: implied sexual content, explicit language 

side pairings: liam payne/harry styles/louis tomlinson, zayn malik/original male character(s), niall horan/josh devine

Breakfast George?

So, my local MP (yes, another shout out for that arsehole) had lunch with Gids at No 11. Apparently, George recalled the breakfast he had when he visited my constituency.

I can imagine the conversation:

MP: “So, my constituency is ha-”

Gids: “Oh, there is lovely food there! Delicious local produce!”

MP: “Yes, wel-”

Gids: “I remember the breakfast distinctively, delicious! Oh it is a shame David didn’t come too! We could have had some fun!”

MP: …

Gids: …

So I asked my mom if I could skip school tomorrow cause we get out at lunch, and I'm stressed, and grad is Friday, and my mom goes "I dunno. Can you?"

Oh right… I’m an adult now…

how does that even happen. liam goes out to get lunch. liam ends up singing karaoke for 50+ people. amazing.

Going out to lunch at the National Harbor today 💃

Amazing food and the workday is cut short, what’s better than that

Emma’s Bed & Breakfast - 3

Author’s note: Rated K+. Regina got lost and Emma tried to help her. Previous chapter here.

Chapter Three
Regina stayed in bed the whole day, not even going out to eat lunch when Emma knocked on her door. When Emma said she’ll leave a plate anyway for her on the table, she only said thank you over the closed door. She did not mean to be rude but her eyes were puffy from crying and she did not want to see a stranger’s face look at her with pity nor answer questions.

It also ached to see Henry. Henry with his deep brown eyes and dark hair who could have been hers and Daniel’s. A fresh rack of tears shook her from this thought. She clung harder to her pillow and buried her face in it to muffle her cries.

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*A/n hey guys!! Happy Wednesday afternoon! I’m back with more Shamy to hopefully help you survive this terribly long hiatus, it’s part 2 of my fanfic curious that I started at the beginning of the month, and it is posted on this blog as well. I hope you enjoy!

Side note, the other day I realized how it’s literally been forever since I’ve written any smut, so my next fic will more than likely be a smutty phan drabble.

See you soon!

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