idk if this is why they cast Richard’s head but I was curious to see what it would look like…


Sam & Jack April 2015 MOS-challenge: Incorrect Map.

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FrUk-ing Elevator

Francis heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that the elevator was empty. The meeting seemed to have dragged on and he wanted nothing more than to go home and crawl in to bed. He was tired, ignoring Arthur took all his energy. His nights were plagued with the Englishman, whispering to him, fingers lightly touching his neck, brushing the hair from his brow, trailing down his face… He dreamed of a world where he could curl his hands around Arthur’s tie and pull him in to a feverish kiss. He wondered what Arthur would feel like against him, what he would taste like. Je t'aime, je t'aime, je t'aime, he would breath in to the kiss. T'es l'amour de ma vie.

Just as the doors were sliding shut, a hand shot in between them, springing them open again.

Arthur slid in to the elevator, nodding at Francis in acknowledgment. He straightened his sport coat with a forceful tug. Non, non, non. This can not be happening.

As soon as the elevator started to move, Arthur turned to face Francis and stepped closer to him, reaching out to finger the hem of the Frenchman’s suit jacket. He cocked his head and smirked up at Francis, continuing to close the gap between the two men.

“What…?” Francis choked, startled. He took a step back only to have Arthur step with him until Francis’ back was firmly up against the wall of the elevator. The fingers on the hem of Francis’ jacket moved to walk up his abdomen, chest, then skirt up his neck, and finally came to rest just under his jaw. His other hand pushed into Francis’ chest, further pinning him. And, mon dieu, Arthur’s knee slid between his legs.

Arthur tilted Francis’ head up, exposing his neck and he leaned in. Francis swallowed hard, biting his lips together for fear his heart would jump out of his chest, up his throat, and right out of his mouth. He could practically feel Arthur smirking, his blood in a battle over which direction it should flow: to deepen the blush rising in his cheeks, or…

Arthur tapped his fingers on Francis’ chin and danced up his face and into the Frenchman’s hair, probing until it found the ribbon that tied his hair back. Francis felt it tug and give, his hair falling free.

And then the elevator stopped moving, Arthur pushed himself away from Francis, dangling his ribbon in front of his cocky smile. The doors opened and Arthur adjusted his coat, pocketing the ribbon, and calmly exited.

Francis clutched at his chest, his heart racing. He stood for a moment unable to quite process what had just happened. He continued to stand in shock as the elevator doors closed, leaving him in silent solitude.

“Stop it, you dicks. I will cut you.”
-Me, (serious about the former but not the latter) anytime anyone yanks a blanket off of me or pulls the pillow out from under my head.

Alright let’s do this !

I let myself be told that some of you could want to commission me, so now’s the time ! :D But first things first, the rules!

I reserve myself the right to accept or decline a commission, and I forbid anybody to use my products for a profit, even (and especially) my commissioners. If we agree on a commission, the transaction will be by Paypal and I will need your mail to send you the informations you need to buy your piece. No commission will be sent before I accept your payment, of course.

Please note that the prices stated above are for a single character only, and depending on how many more you want to add to a piece, prices may vary.

I will only take 3 commissions at a time, and update this post to let you know when a slot opens.

And most important rule of them all…

Be nice to me and I’ll be nice to you! :3

(also you know this is my first time taking commissions officially, so…! XD)

Alright! :D Here are the slots for the commissions!

Slot1 : (free)

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Slot3 : (free)

Thank you all for your attention, and carry on scrolling! :D

kaytee-cakes asked:

SO. Me and a very dear friend of mine are going to be doing a Crowley and Cas cosplay very soon... I thought I would ask you because they are my precious babies and dammit if we aren't gonna do it right.. I only need one more piece for my Crowley costume which I canNOT find.... his damn tie. I have looked everywhere and I can't find it or anything similar enough to pass as it. At least to me. Do you happen to have any idea what the print is called or if you've seen one that's similar???

That is so precious! ≧◡≦ You should take pictures and tag me or something, I demand to see your beautiful faces and this cosplay you’re going to do! It’s flattering that you’re asking such an important question to lil’ old me but all I know is that his tie design is paisley. That’s all I know but you’ve come to the right place since I’ve got tons of friends and followers who could lead you in the right direction. Lots of Crowley experts here so we’ve got your back. Anyone out there willing to give some cosplay guidance? ;) Jess? (crowllink)

anonymous asked:

hello! sorry to bother you but i just wanted to say that your cute lil krems from a while ago would make adorable (phone) charms ;o;


i really do want to branch out into acrylic charms and admittedly the krems would be pretty cute

I’ll probably end up doing some over the summer (hopefully)

  • Me:Ugh that makes me regret SO MUCH about Rex being a Rebel we need him in the empire
  • Norcumi:???
  • Me:somebody who can in all seriousness refer to sex as a battle manoeuvre is an excellent addition to the empire. You may keep your rebellion, I will be over here with the empire. Our leaders have cute accents
  • Norcumi:*snerk* Ah, Thrawn, right. ….. Well there's a mental pairing that just broke my brain.
  • Me:I was referring to core world accents in general, Thrawn would at the very least start off with a common-Corellian or Tarmidian-Corellian accent, YOU WERE THE ONE WHO WENT TO REX/THRAWN AND DON'T DENY IT
  • Norcumi:::grins:: Thankfully, I know next to nothing about Thrawn. Betcha that's another pairing that AO3 doesn't have yet.
  • Me:You realise that at this rate, unless I step up my game, there will be more Rex/Kenobi than there are Thrawn/Jorj
  • Norcumi:::pats and shares cookies::
  • Me:*sniffles*
  • Norcumi:::shares Kleenex too::
  • Me:the blue 501st paint is a little... well. it matches
  • Norcumi:*SNERK*
  • Me:they'd be colour coordinated

Coffee shop AU idea based off something that happened at work today: you’re really cute and I put my number in your take out order bag bc I figured I’d never see you again, but you forgot your drink here and called to come back to get it and oh shit how am I supposed to face you now

porthavens asked:

kalisha fake relationship au!! idk how it would happen but it needs to (p.s. you've opened up my kalisha wounds rhona DAMN YOU)

“I need you to be my date tomorrow.”

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