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Do you have any tips for "introducing" characters to people? I'm both a little shy and a lot unsure of how to share my characters, though I'd like to kind of "test run" people's reactions to them before I start posting my work! (I'm not trying to formally publish, I'll be doing online/maybe patreon type stuff. This is like my "training wheels" pet project, more for my own fun and practice - before trying out the big leagues!)

You would introduce them the same way that you would in a query letter or a synopsis:

  • What is their name?
  • How old are they? (if they are adults, you can use broader terms like “middle aged” or “retired”)
  • What is their problem, motivation, and/or role in the story?
  • What other details are necessary to understand this character at a basic level?

That’s pretty much all you need.

I get so weirded out when people say they want to fuck Bayonetta because like

She’s so out of anyone’s league in her own game, and she’s also fictional, so she’s like the least attainable woman ever.


Beardbox Highlight #2

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Bullets, Blunts and Basebalby ronandhermy

Ian Gallagher and Mickey Milkovich have been best friends since Little League, everyone on the South Side knew that. They didn’t know that it was bound to become something more.

Firebird by thewriterofperfectdisasters

Mickey Milkovich is a struggling artist in New York City. He likes mythology, people watching, and expensive paint. He doesn’t like asshole customers, getting paint in his hair, or the way that redheaded guy always sits by himself on the train.

Last night’s phrases, still writhing on my floor  by ludgateing

something in that smile keeps fucking with his judgment.- a weekend AU

Out of his league by Meggyyy

Ian Gallagher is the quarterback, he’s hot, he’s popular and his girlfriend is unbearable. He’s also totally out of Mickey’s league and straight.Or at least that’s what Mickey thinks..

Favours owed  by Mintsauce

When most people die, they leave their family money or a house. But not Mandy.

We Only Own Our Hell (You Don’t Know Me That Well)   by trueamericanwolf

Mickey and Ian meet when they both ditch class, only they just smoke weed and talk, but Mickey can’t seem to get Ian out of his head.

Seven Days of Sexual Frustration   by silvertonguespyglass

Ian and Mickey get into a bad fight, which results in Ian deciding to withhold sex. It’s going to be a hell of a week for Mickey, that’s for sure.

Touched  by Avalonia

Ian Gallagher is just another drone in a call center full of them, with nothing to his name but a slow computer that hates his guts, a head full of voices that may or may not be real, and an unshakable reputation as a headcase. Funny how Mickey Milkovich, the grumpy guy from IT, doesn’t seem to care about any of that. An (a)typical office romance with a bit of a twist.

Kill for You  by MIntSauce

Mickey knows there aren’t a lot of things he’s good at. Not a lot he can offer Ian. And he shouldn’t even want to offer it to him, but Mickey can definitely kill for him.

Amnesia  by  MintSauce

Mickey takes a blow to the head and has to have surgery. But when he wakes up, how much can he remember? 

A move too far  by meganface

Mickey likes his life now, the simplicity of it all, the genuine enjoyment he gets from it. And then it all changes, becoming worse and so much better at the same time.

There you go, guys. These are my all time favorite multichap fics. You should also check out my First ficrec, there are some other must read fics that I strongly  strongly STRONGLY recommend.

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I wish I could just be your best friend, but I'm too shy, and out of your league. :(( but your art is amazing btw!

Hey. I didn’t answer this ask for like a month not because I don’t want to be your friend but because it’s kinda a bad time in my life to ask that? Like I have crippling self esteem issues I’m trying to get over (when i first read this my first thought was “that’s a mistake i’m not a good person” so i didn’t answer right away…) and I have a lot of friend issues so the word “friend” isn’t totally positive to me right now. I still don’t think I’m a good “friend” because I can’t even be my own friend but it wasn’t right that I never answered you. I’m not even doing this right, saying my own flaws instead of something nice to someone so sweet… 

Thank you so much for liking my art and wanting to be friends. You’re definitely not out of my league but Pro Tip: it’s easier to make friends with someone without putting them on a pedestal because odds are they’re not perfect and just people so just strike up some conversations (Anon if you have to but off anon is best private messaging is more fun anyway) and let a relationship build (you can get excited about senpais talking to you outside of the conversation). That’s how I became really good buds with people online (and i still see a lot of them as my senpai lmao).

This ask is a mess but I needed to answer it.

I think I’ll have some HoG bonus content for you guys this evening, but in the meantime, have the single dorkiest thing I have ever written: a Kataang roller derby AU ficlet.  omg.  If you’ve never seen men playing roller derby before, here is my all-time favorite highlight reel (there’s an apex jump at about 0:40 so you can see what that looks like if you don’t know.) [I am also biased since this video features Minnesota Men’s Roller Derby, ha ha] If you know absolutely nothing about derby at all, I can’t help you in this paragraph.  Go here.  You can blame obbsessedturtle for encouraging this.

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Is there anyone in the world that you would date right now? do you have your eye on someone?

There’s a couple people around the world right now that I would happily date…. but they’re all way out of my league ^^”
Plus I don’t think any of them would be interested in me ^^’

I had some chelsi fans mutuals but they all got wiped out when i was making fun of chelsi for getting eliminated from champions league thank god

My library for Scorpio

1. Crack the Shutters - Snow Patrol
2. Turn me on - Norah Jones
3. Out of my league- Stephen Speaks
4. Black and Gold - Sam Sparro
5. Fitzpleasure - Alt-J
6. In love with a girl - Gavin Degraw
7. White lies - Max Frost
8. Werewolves of London - Masha


Today is the day the Blues could reach out and touch the Premier League trophy. A win today would mean only 2 more points would need to be gained over the remaining 5 games. A draw would keep us 10 points clear, a loss would take us down to 7 points clear. In all honesty, neither is a disastrous result.
No fit strikers mean there is no striker (shame Jose couldn’t try Solanke), but Drogba is on the bench if needed.
Live game tags will be cfc, afc, and epl.

i wish i’d been thinking clearer when i got that question about my type last night bc 100% of the time my type is girls that are absolutely and completely out of my league that i have a negative chance with :)

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Like.. "Kick crosby out of the league" are you joking people? He's done so much for this league and he still gets shit on bc when he was 17-20 years old he was a "whiner" even though players constantly try to hurt him every single game. No one wants him traded from pittsburgh.. That's all media skewing things into people believing he's a bad captain. It's fucking ridiculous I wish people would just stop

This is also how I feel. I can see when penguins fans express their disappointment in crosby when they lose their series and he doesn’t preform up to snuff but calling for his head and asking for a trade…thats just ludicrous. Its like if Toews had a bad season and I was screaming my head off for a trade. You can’t trade Crosby, at least not until he is near retirement. No good for the Penguins would come out of it.


Panthers exercise fifth-year option on LB Luke Kuechly

The Carolina Panthers have exercised the fifth-year option on linebacker Luke Kuechly’s rookie contract.

Kuechly is now under contract through the 2016 season, the team announced Saturday.

Kuechly, the ninth overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, has led the league in tackles in two of his three seasons. Kuechly was named NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2013 and NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2012. He was selected to the Pro Bowl in the past two seasons.

Kuechly has started all 48 games since entering the league out of Boston College. He had an NFL-best 153 tackles last season, along with three sacks, and has totaled 473 tackles through his first three seasons — 44 more than any other NFL player over the same time frame. He has six career sacks and seven interceptions.

Kuechly received a four-year deal worth a guaranteed $12.6 million under the rookie wage scale. He will now be due $11.1 million for 2016.