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Brianna is a cutie

Seryle is my rock

Alissa is the greatest human to grace this earth

Kirsty is funny as heckie

JMJ is a terrible influence on me

Tes is adorable

Sienna is sooo sweet and beautiful

Rhonnie is SO. AWESOME.

anonymous said:

If your best friend turned into a squirrel would you a) build them a little house in your garden and have tea parties b) try and find a spell to make them turn back human c) train them to boogie and become a famous human-squirrel act that would travel the world?

*thinks of a way to do all three*

Okay. So, did I ever tell you the story where my best friend Alissa got turned into a squirrel?

Well, I had to do a lot of travelling across nations to find a cure for squirrel-ism, and so we did a little performing to pay our way, as well as the obvious conning advantages of having a squirrel that can help you hustle. We were quite the double act!

We travelled around by road, but Alissa lived in a little squirrel house I made her which would ride shotgun next to me on our adventures. We’d sip tea every afternoon at half past 4.