Lyric 1: "Machine Change"

[Intro] Alert! Time to dominate
And to kil
Get your guns ready
Will fire on the count of
Holes to fill

Verse I: The Goverment is
Rolling around in bills
With trillions and trillions
There living on fancy top hills
With no effection for the rest
There not gonna do there best

Chorus: Alert Machine Change!!

Verse II: Now us people
Are in deep
With new tecnology rizing apon us
Where trying to make a leap
Cauz Things arnt going well
Soon we will be in hell

Chorus: Alert Machine Change!

Verse III: No matter what we do
There will be a machine change
With the goverment not caring
All of these jobs we will be sharing
So fair well to the working life
The machies will take over
Cauzing our money problems with strife

[Ourto] There you have it people!
The machines took over
Cauzing most to lose there jobs
With no money to care for families
We hang among the pore
For evermore

[Outro II] The goverment is living the high life
Not down in strife
There rolling around in bigs
Not giving a shit and laughing at us
They live among the pigs

[Outro III] We now forever
Live with the machine change

[Chorus: Alert Machine Change!!