“When you think of EXO, it is performance. I’m asking for everyone to look forward very much to this album too. It’d be easier for you to understand when we explain it while watching our Music Video. The point is the dances that matches with out lyrics, from the start to the end of our song, our formation and line-up changes a lot. The style  of our Music Video that shows the changes in our formation and dance is thus very special and a video that you have never seen before will be portrayed, so we ask for your anticipation. It is better than Growl and Overdose. You can look forward to it. It is very handsome from our point of view too.”

***MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE*** starring Elisha Cuthbert
Directed by Lindsey Byrnes

"Make Our Own Way" by Los Angeles duo Little Brutes has been on heavy personal rotation since their Desire EP dropped in January: it’s gumption and self-determination interpreted through simple pop lines, minimal handclaps and tambourines. It’s also on heavy TV rotation, as the theme song for the new NBC sitcom One Big Happy, which premiered last week and stars Elisha Cuthbert who, guess what, is also the star of this video, debuting here for the first time.

anonymous asked:

Can someone pls write a camren fic based on best coast's 'our deal' music video? The mv is basically a star crossed lovers thing. There are 2 gangs, the Day Trotter and the Night Creeper. Just check it out on youtube. Thanks so much

“Can someone make a fanfic about Camren adopting a little girl ?”

“someone please make a one shot/fic based on drunk texting by chris brown ft jhene aiko”


“Can someone do a Caminah or Laurinah fic or oneshot based on the song What If I Kissed You Right Now x Drake”

“Can somebody please write a smut about Lauren fingering Camila under the table at the I heart radio awards then camila punishing her for it after…?”

“can someone write a story where lauren goes into this small clothing sotre and she tries on a dress but she needs help readjusting and closing the zipper so she asks for help from one of the workers who is camila and like she and camila go into the dressing room and it gets heated and you take it from there (smut please) thanks!”

“can some please write a one shot about lauren and keana?”

“Fic suggestion: A fic where Camren is in a relationship with Cara Delevingne”

“Can someone write a one shot about Camila being allergic to bee/wasp/hornet stings and Lauren bring there to comfort her when she gets stung and just a lot of fluff?”


NEW VIDEO: “What I Learned From Pickle Juice

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#Amsterdam is calling. Go with Hazel and Gus on their epic journey, one Instagram at a time, in this video featuring music by Grouplove. Tune in tomorrow for the premiere of the official music video for the song “Let Me In.”