World Elephant Day Aug 12th

' The Ivory Crisis: Urgent and Comple x '

It’s estimated that there were 1.2 million elephants in Africa in 1980. Now there are only about 430,000. And the numbers are plummeting – an estimated 30,000 elephants are being killed each year.  

Why? Their tusks. The demand for ivory – carved into figurines, chopsticks, bracelets and other “luxury” items – has skyrocketed in Asian markets, most notably China, as more of the population accumulates wealth. Unfortunately, there is widespread misinformation, leading many consumers to believe that the item they’re buying came from elephants that died of natural causes.

Our network of partners includes: Northern Rangelands Trust, Save the Elephants, Save the Rhino Trust, Kenya Wildlife Service, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Wildlife Conservation Society, Zambia Wildlife Authority, Tanzania National Park Authority, Space for Giants, Ujamaa Community Resource Team – and you.

Ehhh not a big story on this one 8’D I was just listening to some Kingdom Hearts things and the line Sora says in 3D “You have to have a hearrt to cry.” really stuck out to me. Ourin was pretty depressed at the time so I drew him. |D that’s all

greenmuffinofdoom said:

*To all of them except Cheren* You're so adorable it should be illegal, how do you do that?! ÒAÓ

Dorin: *picks up* Aww the tiny human thinks I’m adorable. How cute.


Ourin: You an exception too you overgrown mammoth. Now put her down, she can’t see the rest of us around your hair.

I’m pretty sure it’s a curse. B | Almost everything I draw ends up cute somehow.

did some speed doodling for a bit after shading Ourin cause I’m lazy and don’t wanna make a new app pic for him yet.

Then I got in the mood to draw some fluff for him so there’s the starts of some cuddling.