Earth-CS2: Back to Wonderland

*Sif watches with no small amount of sadness as the magic portal closes behind her, sealing off her sight of Thor*

*she steps out into a familiar Palace garden, immediately on her guard, just in case her appearance has alerted anyone to her presence. magic leaves a trail, after all*

*Sif pulls up the hood of her cloak over her helm and sheathes her sword, looking around warily as she walks back into a small copse of ornamental trees which were once favored by Queen Frigga*

*she treads lightly, rounding an arbor and pushing further into the foilage*

Earth CS-2: See All The Places We Should've Turned Back

*they get back to the mansion, Kate seeing to it that Noh-Varr gets the best medical attention an Earth facility can offer to a Kree man*

*softly, keeping the concern out of her voice* I’ll come back shortly to check on you.

*glances at Nori, who very clearly needs to be removed from the room*

Let’s go. *doesn’t wait, and goes to one of the rooms down the hall which is unoccupied, not bothering to look behind her*

Earth CS-2: Post-Not-Pancake-Planning

*Noh Varr doesn’t often fall asleep after making love, he tends to be re-energised by it* *he does enjoy cuddles though, and with Kate on one side and Nori on the other there is a pleasant contrast of temperatures* *he lies, stroking Kate’s hair with one hand and lightly resting his other on Nori’s stomach, looking at the ceiling and humming an old tune under his breath*


*Loki has been sleepwalking a lot lately, he’s not entirely sure why, and Thori is taking up a loooottt of time training and only seems to sleep in one hour bursts*

*As a consequence, he is sprawled awkwardly on the couch in the living area of the embassy, out like a light, with Thori sleeping mostly on his chest* *Thori’s legs twist in murderous dreams, but for now, Loki’s slumber is dreamless*

A Trip to the City

*It’s weird.

She’s never actually literally gotten lost in a crowd before.

But there’s a first time for everything, isn’t there? 

It went like this:

Bobby and Kitty started off walking close together, just nearly holding hands.  When was the right time to grab his hand? Or was he going to grab hers? Or was it just too early to hold hands altogether?

Oh screw it.

She’d jumped at it and quickly went to grasp his hand

just at the same time he did hers.

Aaaand they both ended up badtouching each other.

Which caused a spurt of terribly loud and possibly socially intrusive laughter, Kitty’s cheeks red with embarrassment.

Okay, back to walking.  …Is it time to try again? …Now? ….Now? Wait a minute, no, where’s Bobby?

And just like that they lost each other.

Exiting the crowd as quickly as she could, Kitty walked to the least populated area she could find and took out her phone to text him to let him know just where she’d ended up…and find out where he’d been carried off to.*

This Is Family Business

*Sigyn lets Theo off the lead as soon as they return to the embassy, and she wastes no time bolting off to find Thori to gloat about her latest adventures because I AM DOG AND I GO ON ADVENTURES AND I MEET BIGGER DOGS THAN YOU, THORI*

*She then checks the time and turns to Angrboda* The boys will soon be done with their lessons of the day. *she glances down at her clothing, still soaked with Fenrir drool* Perhaps you would like to join me upstairs in our chambers. So that I might change. Also, the less I disrupt them in their studies the better, I have found.

Earth CS-2: Attractive Space Cockroach

*Noh-Varr, Kree youth, formally known for a while as Marvel Boy (he outgrew it in more than one way) lands his Kree plane on the landing pad in the yard of Avengers Mansion after a stint in Space, petitioning the empire to revoke his exile although not particularly enthusiastically and checking the borders of Earth Space for any sign of the dreaded Skrulls*

*It’s a pretty nifty plane*

*he leaves it, smoothing back perfect white-blond hair, then approaches the mansion, wondering if any of the Avengers are in, despite the lateness of the hour*

Meeting The Ex

*Loki is in his room with Thori, attempting to teach him to sit* *Thori thinks Loki is insane, but is pretty well aware of what Loki wants him to do, so is doing exactly the opposite and jumping all over him, growling*

Thori. THORI you need to do what…

*Thori barks and lets out a jet of flame that Loki catches before it burns his bed* *there are several scorch marks around the room, but it looks like the worst of the damage is slacking off*


*Loki sighs* 

The Reckoning

*Sigyn returned from her journey to Nilfheim weary, hungry, and no less troubled than when she left. The discovery that Mistress Hela did not know of the elder Loki’s continued existence had been a shock. She did not know what to do with this knowledge, and it weighed heavily on her heart.*

*Such ethical dilemmas were quickly put aside when she discovered that her sons had left the embassy not long after she had, and had not yet returned.*

*After getting as straight an answer to their whereabouts as she was able from Loki, she took a bath, ate something, and made herself comfortable on a wing chair in the foyer.*

*And waited.*

Earth CS2: I'm Here To Rest

*who doesn’t love a jog?*

*Kate loves a good jog. she sets out in purple shorts and a jog bra, taking a long route through the park*

*she jogs past the Asgardian Embassy, which gives her an idea, so she takes the appropriate turns, and finds herself outside of Nori’s apartment building*

*for reasons which are not obvious to anyone who is not Kate, she runs, jumps, and grabs the fire escape, pulling herself up and climbing until she can wedge his window open*

*swings her legs over the ledge, pushing aside the curtains*


Land shark! 

The Facts of Life on Midgard

*Sooner or later, and probably multiple times, every parent has to have awkward conversations with their children.*

*Well, not every parent, Sigyn thought to herself, allowing a moment of bitterness to twist her features. Somehow their father always managed to avoid these things.*

*Regardless, the time had come to have one such conversation with one of her sons. And so as Sigyn prepared to take Theo for a walk, she went to the living room, where Varli was engrossed in reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.*

Varli, my sweet one. *She bends to kiss his forehead* Would you care to join me for a walk?