Today was day 67 of incubation of Xiu’s remaining two eggs, and as they were a week+ overdue I decided to cut them.

The first never developed anything.  The second had what looked to be a (hypo?) tangerine neonate, but it was severely deformed.

I’m thrilled that something happened with this clutch, but man am I bummed about this guy.  He would have been an awesome looking snake with that aberrant patterning, that’s for sure.  I’ve posted on fauna to try and figure out what went wrong (was it the antibiotics?  The stress?  Fluctuations in temp and humidity during incubation?  Genetics?), and the little guy is in the freezer. 

To be love means to give unconditionally of yourself. That is why animals are love in personification.
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Caught Triple sec cruising the top of his tank upside down this weekend.  First time I’ve seen him do it - usually he just pops out of the aspen, does a loop around the perimeter, and then disappears into one of his hides.

Per usual, soon as he saw me see him he plopped down from the rim and scooted into the substrate.  And now he’s peeking at me from behind one of his hides.


Triple sec has been alternatively watching me work from various hidey places and playing in his water dish.  Then he decided to be a tree snake.  

He’s starting to not mind people being around and we’re seeing him more often out cruising his enclosure.  Used to be you’d walk in, he’d see you, and he’d freeze… and then he’d fall over because he’d frozen in some hilariously ridiculous, precarious position.  After a couple seconds of trying to hold that pose in the fallen-over position he’d give up and slither slowly back under cover like nothing happened.  

He flings shit and chomps fingers like nobody’s business, hah.  His ‘tude reminds me a lot of Jeih haha.