Ouran Host Club AU for Kingsman

I’ve been meaning to post sketches for this au for weeks but I’ve been so busy with convention stuff TwT

- Sketches I did tonight to take a break from con stuff. (ok Lancelot is not a little boy but he has the heart of one and totally clings to Percival ah HA TwT)
-  Another version of the AU is Roxy and Percival switching roles for Haruhi and Tamaki.
- Original sketch I did one night when the idea popped in my head haha

As someone who went to private school, Ouran High School Host Club is actually really important to me. I relate a lot to Tamaki as the popular yet “weird” kid who had to build his own social group because he was from the outside. I only went to private school from the seventh grade onward, so I didn’t have any of my friends from public elementary in middle school or high school. Many of the people I knew in high school had pressures on them to be certain things or follow in the professions of their parents and be star athletes and honor students. More than 80% of my graduating class was in the National Honor Society,simply because it was EXPECTED, not because they were all academically gifted and excelled naturally. I guess it’s odd, being an American and appreciating the social atmosphere in a Japanese story so much, but having recently left high school, Ouran is a lot more meaningful to me. I never thought a foreign cartoon would ever make me cry because I saw myself in one of the characters, much less a ridiculous specimen like Suou Tamaki. It’s funny the way life happens. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I really appreciate anime more now, even though so many people think it’s disconnected from reality and for loners and rejects. I found something that related to my real life in an anime, and not only that but also my social life.

God bless the creators of OHSHC.


This is the full version of this! Sorry for the long wait!!!! Please click the photos to read the dialogues!

“IwaZuka & Ouran High School Swimming-Host Club will be waiting for your return! See you next summer?????”

Edit: Bigger version of the last pic here!