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Yo so when I was 14 me and my be at the time were in his room and nobody was home and we were fucking and his sister came home early and screamed if anyone was home and we stayed dead still and waited and she went and took a shit so we hand to sneak past the bathroom dead silent and then we ran and had to go out the back door and u jumped the fence naked and had to get dressed behind his shed before we waited and called his sister that we were on our way home

that was an adventure 2 read

Home Sweet Home

Type: Imagine | One Shot About Brad
Warning: Sexual Content
Word Count: 2,168
Requested By: Anon → For Leeanne 

Sometimes in life things happen that you can’t explain, I never thought I would fall in love. Once I meet Brad things changed and it was like love at first sight. We meet at the local cafe and things went from there, it seemed like our relationship moved fast. I never felt this way towards a person, but there was something about Brad that I couldn’t explain. I never believed in fair tales nor that love at first sight, but I guess you have to experience it to believe. Time flies by when you’re having a good time, going around the world with Brad just melted the time away. Before we knew it, we were on our way back home , we moved into together after 3 months of being together. When we first got together people didn’t believe we would make it. They didn’t understand why were moving so fast ether, but Brad and myself moved at our own pace. A year of going around the world was fun, but nothing was better than being in our own home. Getting off the plane and getting to our house within the hour, opening the door just taking everything in. It was good to be back home and in a place that didn’t move around each night. I went upstairs with my bag as Brad went into the kitchen to cook lunch, I got to our room and started to unpack. While I was unpacking, I found a random ring box that I knew nothing about, I opened it up and it was an engagement ring.

My heart started to race as I looked at the ring. I didn’t know if it was for me or when he was going to ask. I heard him coming upstairs so I placed the ring back where I found it and went to put my stuff away. “Hey babe I made you a cup, ” he said as he handed me the cup. “Thank you, ” I said as I sat down. “It’s good to be home, ” he said. “Yes, it is, ” I said as I took a sip from my cup. “I love being on tour, but there isn’t anything better than sleeping in my own bed” he said. “That is so true, ” I said. “Wait, what are you acting like that?” he asked. “Like what?” I asked. “Really distant” he said. “I’m just tired babe” I said as I kissed his cheek. “Jet lag?” he said. “Yeah, pretty much” I said. “Get some rest then babe, I’ll unpack” he said. “Brad can I ask you a question?” I asked. “Sure, ” he said. “What is that ring for?” I asked. “What ring?” he asked. “The ring in his bag” I said. “Oh, you found it?” he asked. “Yes, it’s a beautiful ring” I said. “I’m glad you liked it, ” he said. “What is it for, or who is it for?” I asked. “It’s for you, I wanted to ask you something tonight” he said. “To marry you?” I asked. “Yeah, after we got some rest I was going to make dinner and ask” he said. “I’m sorry I messed it up, ” I said as I looked down. “Hey, no, ” he said as he tilted my chin up. “I didn’t mean to, ” I said as I looked at him. “Look at me, it’s not your fault, ” he said as he placed his lips against mine. I placed my hand on his cheek as I kept the kiss between us before he pulled away. “I didn’t mean to mess up your plans” I said. “You didn’t, baby, I love you more than you could ever know. Will you do me the honors and marry me?” he asked as he grabbed the ring. “Of course I will, ” I said as a smile came to my face. “I love you, ” he said as he placed the ring on my finger. “I love you, I can’t wait to be Mrs. Simpson” I said before placing my lips against his. “I can’t believe you actually said yes, ” he said as he pulled away. “Why wouldn’t I say yes?” I asked. “That tour was really long and you were getting annoyed” he said. “I was getting annoyed with the bus and always moving” I said. “So not with me?” he asked. “Of course not babe” I said. “Good, ” he said with a sigh of relief. “I would never be annoyed with you, ” I said. “Well, you surly stopped the sex, ” he said. “I hated having sex on a bus plus having three other guys on the bus” I said. “I know it was tough with the other three, ” he said. “I love you Brad” I said as I looked at him. “And I love you, ” he said as he got up. “Where you go?” I asked. “I’m going to take a shower, want to join me?” he asked as he reached for my hand. “Sure” I said as I got up grabbing his hand. We walked into the bathroom and started to undress each other. Pulling off his shirt just to see his washboard ABS, running down to his stomach and into his v line. “It never gets old seeing you naked” I said. “The same goes for you babe” he said as he took off my shirt throwing it on the floor. “I’m not as sexy as you, ” I said. “Because your beyond sexy, ” he said as he allowed my jeans to fall from my hips. I turned away from him so I could turn on the water. He got behind me and wrapped his arms around my hips as he pulled me back towards him. “Brad you naughty boy, ” I said. “You love me when I’m naughty” he said. I stood up so I was pressing my ass against him as he started to suck on my neck. “Do not start something unless you’re going to finish it, ” I said as I started to moan. I slipped my panties off and got into the shower, allowing the water to flow over my body just teasing him more.

He slipped his pants as well as his boxers and got into the shower with me. He got right behind me and wrapped his arms around me turning me around so I was facing him. “Hey you” I said as I looked up at him. “Hey” he said as he placed his lips against mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I kept the kiss between us. He slipped his hands down my waist and grabbed my ass as he deepened the kiss. I ran my hands down his back as he pushed me back to the wall. Moving his lips from mine down to my neck as he started to suck gently against my skin. I leaned my head back as I started to moan, he kept moving down and got to my collarbone and started to drive me crazy. He knew where my hot spots were and he knew how to get me to moan before anything sexual happened. “Brad you so good at that” I said as I ran my hand down his chest taking him into my hand. “Hey what you got there?” he asked with a smirk. “You” I said as I started to rub him slowly. “Teasing I see” he said. “Never babe” I said with a smile. “While I can do that as well” he said as he pushed his thumb against my clit. He added a lot of pressure against my clit before he let off just rubbing it slowly, he knew that he drove me crazy when he started to tease me. “Brad” I said as I moved my hips towards his hand. “I told you I could play that game as well” he said. “But you don’t have to” I said as I kissed him. He pulled away from me and went on taking a shower. He started to wash himself and act like nothing happened, I pulled him back to me just to see what was wrong. “Hey whats wrong? “ I asked. “Tired” he said. “Brad, your hard as hell I know your not tired” I said. “Just want to wash off” he said. “Ok” I said as I washed myself off. We both got out of the shower and wrapped up in a towel, I walked into the room and started to get dress. “What do you think your doing?” he asked. “Getting dressed” I said. “Where are you going?” he asked. “No where” I said. “Then bring that fine ass over here and drop that towel” he said. I walked towards him allowing my towel to drop free, I got onto his lap as I started to suck on his neck. He laid us back keeping me on top of him as I straddled him. “I like the view” he said. “Oh you do?” I said before leaning downing sucking his neck once again. “Yea’ he said with a moan. I moved my lips to his ear as I started to nibble against it. He rolled us over and got over top of me, moving between my legs as he looked down at me. “I like the view” I said as I looked up at him. “Still like the view from here” he said as he leaned down and kissed me softly. He moved between my legs and rested his tip against my clit. I moved my hips towards his as I was starting to get impatience. “What are you doing?” he asked as he pushed my hips down. “Babe im horny as hell and your teasing me” I said with a pout. “Oh no not the pout” he said as he kissed my lips. “I want you Brad” I said as I rubbed my hand down his chest. “Want what?” he said as he started to push himself into me. “That, you” I said. “You want me?” he said as he pushed himself fully into me. “Yea you” I said as I let out a few moans. He placed his lips against my neck once again as he started to move his hips towards mine. He slipped himself in and out of my with each slight move of his hips, he started to pick up the pace as we started to moan. I started to push my hips towards his as our bodies connected as one.  He moved his lips from my neck back to mine as his thrust started to get harder and deeper. He was hitting my spot each and every time he pushed himself into me. I arched my back as I started to reach my climax, our moans filled the room. With a few more thrust I climaxed and as soon as I climaxed so did he, he pulled out and laid next to me trying to catch his breath. “Well worth the wait” he said as he tried to catch his breath. “Totally worth it” I said as I laid my head against his chest.

He wrapped his arm around me as I pulled the blanket around us. I rubbed his chest as we finally caught our breaths, Brad was an amazing guy and I was lucky to have him. We laid in bed for the rest of the night and watched movies and cuddled together.  “I cant believe we are getting married” I said as I looked at my ring. “We have been together for almost 2 years and you’re the love of my life, it just felt like the right time” he said. “You know what they are going to say” I said. “Im not worried about the fans, press or family. I worry about what my heart tells me” he said as he kissed my forehead. That was one thing I loved Brad for and that was he didn’t care what people said. It was our life and our love story that had nothing to do with anyone else. Even though Brad was in the media a lot our relationship still worked out. It was some hard times but our love was unbreakable and there wasn’t anything that could break us up. I couldn’t believe that I was going to be Mrs. Simpson soon. That night I fell asleep in the arms of the man I loved and a smile on my face. Sometimes love comes in when you don’t expect it and sweeps you off your feet.  When I first meet Brad I didn’t expect to fall in love with him but I did and something just told me that he was the one for me.  Love found me when I was down on myself and bought me this amazing man, the man I fell in love with. Love is a crazy thing, but it always finds it’s way into your heart.

Author Note: This is the first time Ive tried paragraph breaks so let me know what you guys think. 


"Be with me always - take any form - drive me mad! Only do not leave me in this abyss, where I cannot find you!"

  • Me watching a movie:I need a Destiel AU of this.
  • Me reading a book:I need a Destiel AU of this.
  • Me watching a TV show:I need a Destiel AU of this.
  • Me watching a commercial:I need a Destiel AU of this.
  • Me listening to my dad tell the story of how he met his childhood best friend:I need a Destiel AU of this.
  • Me when something happens to me in my real life:I need a Destiel AU of this.

Do you ever just see a thing that reminds you of something you miss so much you kinda want to rip your heart out and cry a bit but you still smile because you remember how happy you were at that time and yeah?

Often, Satan tricks us by offering us something good, but gaining it through evil means. He offered Adam being like God, something good. But the means was through disobedience. He offered Jesus bread, something good. But the means was dependence on something other than God. Don’t think that being offered something good means that you should accept it. God is just as concerned with the means as he is with the end.
I see us going west. Going on hikes and eating dinner in a shitty apartment. I see us around fires with friends and I see us loving the mountains on our way home from work. I can hear the panic in your voice as you tell me there is a spider somewhere in the bathroom. I see national parks and camping trips in the Rockies. I see dogs and toddlers running around our modest backyard. I can see first steps and us trying and failing to refrain from cursing around the baby (whose starting to pick up on it). Soon enough she will be telling her grandma to f*ck off. I see us shoveling the driveway together and getting into a snowball fight while the dogs bark at the window. I see hot chocolate on snowy nights and movies on an old comfy couch. I can hear our neighbors laughing with us over dinner on a Thursday night. I see you on my arm at the grocery store while you try to decide which vitamins will be best for the baby. I see spontaneous trips to the antique store and date nights at the local music festivals. I can see us lost and unconcerned with finding our way back. I smell good coffee, old books, and burnt popcorn. I see the same smile I fell in love with across the bar. I see soccer games and football practice on those bitter October nights. I can hear you dancing around to the Frontbottoms in your study upstairs because you think I’m still at work. I see a little girl too; she’s beautiful. She has her mother’s crystal blue eyes as well as her fierce independence. I see muddy boots by the door and I see your smile amongst a blur of infinite backrounds. I feel my fingers graze along a wooden porch railing. I feel your hands slip around my waist and a whisper in my ear. Your soothing voice tells me that if I burn the veggie burgers again you’re going to punch me in the face. You asked me what I see in my future. It’s very simple. I see you, burnt veggie burgers, and Colorado.
—  she needs to know this (by dzngerous)

i’ll be alright:
A peppy mix to keep chins up – you got this, you shining star (◡‿◡✿).

[ l i s t e n ]

1. Gonna Get Over You Sara Bareilles 2. Radio Matchbox Twenty 3. Accidentally In Love Counting Crows 4. These Streets BASTILLE 5. Our War Neon Trees 6. Alive the Daylights 7. Roar Like Heaven Coldplay vs Katy Perry 8. Slide the Goo Goo Dolls 9. Ready to Go (Get me Out of my Mind) Panic! at the Disco 10. I’m Not Your Hero Tegan & Sara 11. Hard Way Home Brandi Carlile 12. The Sporting Life The Decemberists 13. On Top of the World Imagine Dragons 14. I Feel Better Gotye 15. Dance Anthem of the 80s Regina Spektor 16. Dog Days are Over Florence + the Machine 17. Carry On f.u.n


this was never about winning. it’s just about surviving. the machine and i couldn’t save the world. we had to settle for protecting the seven people who might be able to take it back. so we gave samaritan a blind spot: seven key servers that hard codes it to ignore seven carefully crafted new identities. when the whole world is watched, filed, indexed, numbered, the only way to disappear is to appear. hiding our true identities inside a seemingly ordinary life. you’re not a free man anymore, harold. you’re just a number. we have to become these people now. and if we don’t, they’ll find us, and they’ll kill us. i’m sorry, harold. i know it’s not enough. a lot of people are gonna die. people who might have been able to help. everything is changing. i don’t know if it will ever get better. but it’s going to get worse. the machine asked me to tell you something before we part - you once told john the whole point of pandora’s box is that once you’ve opened it, you can’t close it again. she wanted me to remind you of how the story ends. when everything is over, when the worst has happened…there’s still one thing left in pandora’s box: hope.

White Pine Bay
  • White Pine Bay
  • Our Way Home
  • White Pine Bay - Single

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Promises broken, your lies will show in your darkest moment. I will be the one to rip you off of your throne.

And you will see the devil, face to face in plain sight In plain sight.You will be dragged to hell, and feel the pain you’ve caused on everyone else.

Follow the signs

Like sheep to a herd
To a herd.
To a herd.

So this is not the end of me.


Darren and Chuck Criss, “Two of Us” at the SF Fillmore

  I remember during one of my first gigs we were as nervous as three sheep in a spaceship on its way to the dentist. But a good nervous.

Our Way Home
  • Our Way Home
  • Conditions
  • Conditions

Our Way Home - Conditions

So open your eyes
Don’t let this feeling inside
Question everything you are
Everything you are

Breathe in deep, don’t let the water fill your lungs
Awake but motionless is such an ever-calming ground
Again, again, again your words, they ring so clear now
So quick, so quick, I’m heading right into destruction
Don’t let go

So focus on a way out
Its not supposed to be like this
So focus, its close now
This is very far from never ending

This is nothing you wont live through
I wont let you fall any further
If we sold our souls, what then do we live for?
I wont let you fall any further

Never let it leave your mind, you are so alive
When you’re on your way home, you will know

So focus on a way out
Its not supposed to be like this
So focus, its close now
This is very far from never ending

To be set free, would be the first step away from me
To be set free, would be the first and last in steps to sanity
Do you have the strength to walk away?
Do you know how to live any other way?

So focus on a way out
Its not supposed to be like this
So focus, its close now
This is very far from never ending


Hello, friends! We have good news for you today—and a little bad news.

We’ll start with the bad news because it is negated by the good news: I am staying at a vet center that has three different vets who are in on different days, so I have had three different vets take care of me this week. Dr. B. and Dr. P. are nice. Dr. W. makes Mommy furious. Thursday night, Dr. W. told Mommy she recommended euthanasia. (Mommy freaked out.) Last night, Mommy visited me again, and I am actually getting better! Dr. W. clearly has no interest in taking care of me. Fortunately, I saw Dr. B. when Mommy brought me last Sunday, so Dr. B. is the one technically in charge of my case.

Now for the good news: Mommy and Katie (the nice nurse who has been giving me most of my care) both think I am getting better! When Mommy visited last night, I ran around in her hand super fast—and I cracked open my left eye just the tiniest little slit when Mommy first picked me up!! Considering how late it was for me, Mommy thinks that is definitely progress. Mommy is pretty sure the swelling on my eyes is better, too. Katie told Mommy that I am also starting to fight back when she tube feeds me. Yesterday, I actually wriggled my head out from between her fingers when she held me for tube feeding!

My shell is also getting better: My plastron is harder, and my shell as a whole looks kind of “shrunken”—it looks bad, but it actually means I am absorbing the calcium I am getting and my shell is hardening!

I have not pooped again, so the vets are tube feeding me less frequently now to make sure my gut does not get too blocked up. Mommy asked to see my x-ray from last Sunday, and I do have some sort of blockage in my gut. My poop last Sunday was a good sign, so hopefully I will poop again soon. I am also getting a little puffy because I have not peed either, so the vets have stopped the fluids for now (but I am still getting lots of soaks). I have also lost more skin on the top of my head, but Mommy has gotten confirmation from multiple sources that there is nothing to worry about there.

Mommy is coming to see me again this afternoon and to talk to Dr. B. (the vet we saw when Mommy first brought me in last Sunday). Mommy had originally wanted to bring me home ASAP after that awful call with Dr. W., but now we will wait to see what Dr. B. says. We will keep you posted!