This is Viper the Nasgule Hamster of doom, our new little ball of fury. <3

As you can see (probably better in the 2nd photo), she’s actually got a scar that looks like a white marking on her nose. We don’t know if she was bitten by another hamster or if a human did this to her, but either way it explains why she was so aggressive. I’ve spent loads of time taming her over the past week and she’s calmed right down, settled in and is easy to handle. She’s a cute, crazy little Ham and is super active and healthy which is great ^^

Is anyone else going to be severely heartbroken if anyone in the Avengers (obviously including anyone in SHIELD) dies during Age of Ultron? I mean, we’ve waited years for the movie. Three years, the only thing sustaining the life in our fandom being fanart, youtube, fanfic, headcannons, and silly memes. Imagine what would happen if one of our beloved fandom-family died. Think of all the fanart, our favorite pieces of fanfic, fanart, headcannons that included that character. What would it be like if they all turned into sad reminders of a lost family member.

What will be the fate of our fandom? WHAT WILL BE THE FATE OF OUR FANDOM?!