Warning: soppy post alert

Okay so today’s a very amazing person’s birthday, wheytoast, and it would be criminal of me not to make a hella cute post about it. Basically, this lil dork has helped me through a lot lately and he’s my closest friend. He may be an annoying lil shit, but I love him just the same. His voice is the best thing everand he smells amazing.He somehow makes me laugh even in the darkest of times and is just super sweet and caring, I don’t think I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking to and getting to know anyone as amazing as him in my whole life. I could probably go on forever but I wont. Just wanted to express how much this lil shit means to me. Have a good day dork <3

Sex talk
  • Me:You know me so well
  • we are gonna do it under a panera bread table
  • BFF:lol how romantic haha
  • Me:yep
  • it will be magical, and special and romantic
  • and a rainbow will form above our heads
  • BFF:lol awww and unicorns will watch
  • Me:cherubs will come down to sing for us
  • BFF:lol God himself might make an appearance lmao
  • Me:it'll be so beautiful it'll turn Satan into a Good Samaritan
  • BFF:
Every time Andy and I talk about what someone's cock looks like

we come up with the same conclusion. Each time. Seriously.

We’re now talking about running some sort of thing when we live in NY where we go up to random dudes and guess what their cocks look like. We’d be rich because I totally think we’re always right.