“I won’t tell you my story because it’s sad, but I can tell you my dream. I dream of a place which I can call home where no one will make me feel that I don’t belong there.”

met her in Ouled Otmane [ MOROCCO ]

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For Tina 

If I’m going to die for you all, the least you could do is remember my name.” - City of Lost Souls.

Northern Irish Memes

i mean we have a lot of the british ones too but I thought I’d do some specific ones

  • lot of cars outside a house = “wonder who died?”
  • queens vs university of ulster arguments (never quite sure how serious these are)
  • jordanstown students in queens library like undercover spies
  • “but noy on utv”
  • actually just fuckin jullian simmons in general
  • fleg protest
  • bout ye
  • buckfast makes ye fuck fast
  • what’s the craic / any craic / here boy have you heard the craic / THE CRAIC IS NINETY 
  • scundered is a different emotion depending what part of the country you’re from
  • dungiveners shag sheep
  • stephen nolan
  • collecting boojum stamps so you can get a free t-shirt
  • ulsterbus timetable aka thirty minutes late and then two land at the same time but there’s no other form of transport
  • driving to mcds with the lads when you’ve passed the oul driving test
  • is the benedy even a real place
  • every “suspicious device” is a bomb scare
  • stopping at the sos bus after a night out for some free soup
  • mammy warning you to stay out of the ‘wrong areas’ like they can smell the protestant/catholic on you
  • seamus heaney is our marmite; you love him or hate him but he’s our only claim to fame so we’re never going to shut up about him (potatoes bogs turf shovels)
  • the holylands
  • tatie bread
  • ballymena. that’s it. no matter who i talk to ballymena is a joke
  • big fish
  • our leaning tower of pisa aka the wonky clock
  • the eternal question of how derry won the city of culture
  • thumbs up for the weekend
  • crisp sandwich

(side note: bomb scares / car bombs / sectarian violence are serious issues and I’m aware that we are still struggling with after effects of the troubles, but in my experience the current generation is desensitized and tired of this shit and we turn to humour to deal with it)