OUHSC's Actionable Behavior

I’m a workplace victims advocate (apprenticing!), and stories have really been rolling in.

It’s obvious that the admins at OU, especially OUHSC, commits a *lot* of human rights violations. Their campus police sometimes bother to “investigate” and then declare no wrongdoing. Imagine that.

There is no forthcoming record of university employees being treated worse than they are at the University of Oklahoma. They seem to be the single most hostile educational workplace currently in existence. It’s really a shame. From what I can see, there is just about zero chance they will avoid a huge class action lawsuit.

I stopped him because that book is the size of 1990 laptop and looks like it’s heavy enough to use for a bicep workout in lieu of dumbbells.  I didn’t have the guts to ask the price tag on that sucker because I’m doing what I can to  protect my ticker these days. 

Ferdinand is an OUHSC nursing student from Cameroon.  He earns his living as a DJ; check out his site if you have an event coming up that requires The Cupid Shuffle: http://desiredjservice.com/

We had our first health assessment test on Monday...

and literally half of the class failed. Including myself. Passing is a 75 and I made a 73.85. The class average was 73. How ridiculous is that? They’re letting us take it again in our clinical groups, and then they’ll average the two tests. But even if my group makes 100%, I’ll still only get an 86. Super dumb.