On va gâter le coin

Thanks God It’s FRIDAY

Plus que quelques heures et HOP, la liberté, le repos.

Mes amis du “vendredianniversaire” vont surement faire brûler le dancefloor, et peut-être que vous entendrez ces sonorités.

Morceaux choisis inspirés par une Collègue et amie  plus NIAK tu meurs (façon elle est à la page -sons africains- je suis dépassée).

Nul doute que ma Loulou (qui aime l’ambince des BT “afro” de…

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Jerusalem: Watch the Kidnapping of the 10 years old Oudi Rajaby by occupation forces in Silwan
today and then beating him brutally.

عملية اختطاف الطفل عدي الرجبي ١٠ سنوات اليوم عصرا في الحارة الوسطى بسلوان على أيدي جنود الاحتلال وثم الاعتداء عليه بالضرب المبرح

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A moment of silence when there’s too much crowd.. 
A sparkle in your eyes when you describe something or someone that you like..
Sharing a meal or a laugh with those who grabbed you every single night.
Now that’s what I call being whole.
—  oudi-ms
Most of us can move on and find another.. Half of us can’t and struggle to.
Its not about capability, its about who you wanna spend your days with.
I find the idea of moving on and not looking back cheap, specially If we did it without trying to fix what has been broken.. Our friends and lovers. 
We create this gap.. We stop saying hi but still look in the eyes. 
We seem to forget who stood by us who helped us to build our selfies and who held us while no one else did.
Hate is heavy.. Say hi.. Be soft.. Live your life we’re only gonna do that once.
—  oudi-ms