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Harry kissed Louis first. It was an impulse. He leaned in took fast, and at the wrong angle. Basically it was a mess, and he was mortified. He tried to leave, but Louis wouldn't let him. Instead he pulled Harry in close, and gave him a proper kiss. Warm and gentle. Lips parting, tasting each other. When they finally stopped they didn't break apart. They leaned in, forehead to forehead and smiled sweetly at each other. (Niall, who had walked in on them, smiled and wiped a tear from his eye.)

First of all, how dare you. 

After seeing the chapter 20 spoilers, I can’t even imagine what Seidou had to go through.

I mean, Kaneki went through 10 days of non-stop torture from Yamori and Shinohara described Kaneki (centipede) as being ‘the most insane’ ghoul he’s ever met.

Seidou was 'missing’ for around 3 years.

Even worse, the person overseeing his 'change’ was probably Tatara, and we all know that Tatara holds a grudge against Houji (Takizawa’s superior) for killing Fei and Yan. (Which is even more tragic, since Takizawa did nothing wrong and is only guilty by association in Tatara’s eyes).

So I’m guessing (and I hope I’m wrong since Tatara is one of my favorite Aogiri members) that Tatara paid 'special attention’ to Takizawa in order to spite Houji-like “You took away what was precious to me, so I’ll take away what’s precious to you” kind of deal. 

If you look closely at the picture, you can see that Seidou is really gaunt, pale, has eye bags under his eyes and has a finger in his mouth. Which could imply that Aogiri has been starving him (or Seidou has been starving himself) so when they bring him to the Auction, he won’t be able to control himself and will go on a rampage (on his former comrades, no less!) 

Even worse, Eto and Kanou refer to him as 'Owl’…so does that mean that due to extensive torture and experimentation, Takizawa is now able to masquerade as the 'One-eyed Owl?’ With the Kakuja and all? Holey crap.

In terms of Tatara and Takizawa’s relationship, I wouldn’t be surprised (but it would be extremely tragic) if Takizawa had a huge dose of 'Stockholm syndrome’ (with a side dose of drugs/experimentation, brainwashing and starvation to boot). Which could be the reason why he still stays in Aogiri. (I mean they gave him recognition right? Like what he initially wished for…OH GOD).

(Maybe he’s now Tatara’s 'apprentice’? I swear Tatara would probably be laughing at the irony.)

Which is why I’m wishing for Amon to appear and save not only Haise/Kaneki, but also this poor boy! (I’m guessing that Amon isn’t in such a bad state as Takizawa…right?)

Plus-Akira’s in the Auction. Do you think they’ll meet up? As this post explains, Takizawa might hold some pent-up rage towards Akira (and rest of CCG) which was probably cultivated and encouraged by Aogiri. Therefore he might end up attacking her without any hesitation whatsoever. 

Eto, this is all your fault. (Yet you’re still one of my favorite characters).