Red is obviously so distant from Lizzy now. After all they’ve been through and all she’s done to him, it’s only just now that he realises what he actually means to her. She is everything to him, but to her, he’s just an asset. And he’s realised that. And he feels betrayed and dejected. If it had been her that he had done all of that for, she would be grateful. But it wasn’t her. It was his wife. So she doesn’t care. He’s just an asset. He protects her. She uses him. That’s all it is to her. And the song that they used during that last scene (Tom Odell - Long Way Down) just fucking twists the knife. “Love feels like a long way down, so honey don’t leave, don’t leave, please don’t leave me now.” Because he loves her, and she doesn’t love him back, and everything they’ve gone through, everything he’s done for her was forgotten in that episode. She didn’t care. She got his hopes up with promises of closeness and friendship and care and love and then she destroyed all possibilities of that when she nearly had him killed. When she said he’s just an asset. A job. And now he knows it, and it’s destroying him.

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Harry kissed Louis first. It was an impulse. He leaned in took fast, and at the wrong angle. Basically it was a mess, and he was mortified. He tried to leave, but Louis wouldn't let him. Instead he pulled Harry in close, and gave him a proper kiss. Warm and gentle. Lips parting, tasting each other. When they finally stopped they didn't break apart. They leaned in, forehead to forehead and smiled sweetly at each other. (Niall, who had walked in on them, smiled and wiped a tear from his eye.)

First of all, how dare you. 


This scene breaks my heart. Based on Sherlock’s expression, you can see how scared and heartbroken he truly is. Mycroft probably sees the outline of Sherlock’s expression, and some tiny part of him goes out to Sherlock. Despite all their bickering, Mycroft still views Sherlock as his younger brother, the one that he wants to protect in some way.