oh god. i’m still processing. i told her about LanaAppreciationDay, she giggled since she tweeted me earlier. at this point people were swarming. but she knew i was the only evil regal standing there, so she paid attention to me FIRST. she acutally said, ” let me make sure i get this one first” she asked me oh about 3 times what my name was, and how to spell it (I DIDN’T EVEN ASK HER TO SIGN MY NAME, SHE WANTED TO MAKE SURE SHE DID). i asked her for a hug but she looked right up into my eyes and smiled, BIG, and said im so sorry but i can’t, she GRABBED MY HAND AND SQUEEZED IT TIGHT! i said ITS OKAY!!! they had to walk into the event so i trailed behind. i yelled out i would be going to the set in july… she said…….. ” SEE YOU THEN! ” so… telling me indirectly she’s forsure gonna be there filming? i think SO! 

K… so wtf am i supposed to do with myself now? someone? anyone? offical Lanattack over here… GAHHHHH I LOVE LIFEEEE!


another amazing and sweet interaction with Lana Parrilla tonight. Also had the pleasure of meeting her mother, sister and aunt, all ADORABLE and nice people. while they were waiting for Lana we chit chatted a bit, and they asked me to take a photo of them lol. >.<