oh god. i’m still processing. i told her about LanaAppreciationDay, she giggled since she tweeted me earlier. at this point people were swarming. but she knew i was the only evil regal standing there, so she paid attention to me FIRST. she acutally said, “ let me make sure i get this one first” she asked me oh about 3 times what my name was, and how to spell it (I DIDN’T EVEN ASK HER TO SIGN MY NAME, SHE WANTED TO MAKE SURE SHE DID). i asked her for a hug but she looked right up into my eyes and smiled, BIG, and said im so sorry but i can’t, she GRABBED MY HAND AND SQUEEZED IT TIGHT! i said ITS OKAY!!! they had to walk into the event so i trailed behind. i yelled out i would be going to the set in july… she said…….. “ SEE YOU THEN! ” so… telling me indirectly she’s forsure gonna be there filming? i think SO! 

K… so wtf am i supposed to do with myself now? someone? anyone? offical Lanattack over here… GAHHHHH I LOVE LIFEEEE!