Mixed Signals (1/1) Teen for innuendo.

From the OUATkinkmeme- “I need a >caretaker<for my RATHER LARGE ESTATE” Please tell me I wasnt the only one thinking therewas some serious inuendo going on….

This is mostly just a silly way for me to try and write something tonight. Might continue if it hits me, but this is it for now.

From the moment that Rumpelstiltskin had seen Belle he knew that she was no innocent. No virginal girl would have been able to face him without fainting or shrieking. No maiden would have looked so at place in the company of men the way she had appeared in the war room. She did a good job of looking the part of unspoiled daughter and future bride with her modestly cut dress and the blushes on her cheek when that dumb block of muscle had said they were engaged. He liked that in a bedmate. A little bit of role play kept things interesting. He would inevitably tire of her as he had the many before her, eternity was far too long to stay with one person. But at least they could have some fun in the meantime.

It wasn’t until he got her back to the Dark Castle and she began asking about dusting, and cooking, and sweeping that he began to suspect that he made a mistake. Sure, he had said that he was looking for a caretaker for his rather large estate, but he was being metaphorical. Caretaker meant whore. Estate meant cock. Rather large…well, that was just an accurate description of the thing.

Perhaps she was simply getting into character. Yes, that had to be it.

“I don’t think you need to worry about doing any of those chores tonight,” he said, sitting in a large throne-like chair at the head of the table. “Your only duty this evening is right here.” He leaned back and waved his hands towards his crotch, as if indicating an item on display in a shop.

“You need me to do something with your pants?” she asked. “I don’t know how the launder leather, but I bet I could find a book on the subject.”

“Not my pants. It’s my estate. It has been too long since anyone paid attention to it.”

Her pink lips turned into a frown. “Yes, I know. That’s why I’m here. I suppose it would be best if you gave me an idea of where to start.”

Ah, yes, now she was playing along. “I’ve always thought it best to start with a little kiss hello. Then just see where it went from there.”

“You want me to kiss your estate?” she said slowly.

“Well, yes. And lick it a little. And, you know, the rest.”

“I suppose I can kiss it,” she said warily, “But I don’t think I want to lick it until I’ve gotten a chance to clean the area first.”

As he prepared to remove his pants Belle dropped to her knees and began kissing the ground.

“Why are you doing that?”

She raised her head swiftly. “You told me to kiss your estate. Is this not the correct way? I’ll admit I’ve never heard of this particular tradition before. Do you think you have any books on the topic?”

That was the moment that Rumpelstiltskin realized that his little caretaker was going to be much more trouble than he had anticipated.  

anonymous said:

Is it possible to get an updated list of the Rumbelle-centric kmeme prompts? As in, those that have been recently filled moved to the fill list and the new requests added?

As soon as I have a quite minute to myself, I’ll sit down, go through the meme and post Part 7 of the Unfilled Rumbelle Prompt saga. I can’t make any promises on when that will be done though.

But I will try to get the new fills added to the old list and post it in the next couple of days. :)