I made an unnamed team of unnamed mercs and they are small, like half a cola can size.yay.

A playboy rogue,the cute boss, a blind heavy gunner, a sleepy sniper, a random kid cos i said so, and last the logistic.

We need more books/shows/movies about characters in wheelchairs who are constantly put into situations where the world isn’t accessible. Like a character’s transported into a fantasy world but they’re in a castle in the medieval ages where there’s nothing but stairs, stairs, and more stairs! Or a character is a superhero and they received a call saying that somebody needs help on the third floor of a building but the owner never fixed that elevator so it sucks to be them. Or a character in a sci-fi story who’s just like, “OH COME ON!” because it turns out that someone illegally parked their spaceship in the handicap spot.

I mean we need more characters in wheelchairs anyway. That goes without saying. But I like the idea of the protagonist constantly finding themselves in these situations and being really sarcastic/cynical about it. It would be exaggerated but also very relatable and could end up raising some serious awareness for real-life situations.

INEEDU MV on 1theK is about 2K views from 2Million. I’m excited because I know ARMYs are always watching but I also think they’re gaining more fans and I really want that for our boys too. Some people are missing out not being ARMYs tbh. Hehehe~


A Virgo will feel terrible to the core of they are unable to help someone and they believe their flaws are the only things people will see. They need to learn to be critical in a more productive way or they will never let themselves rest.