Fear. It’s a regular, powerful emotion. But real ‘fear’? Real fear is going to sleep each night being unsure if you’re even going to wake up the following morning. Real fear is being so terrified about the future and what lies ahead that you believe ending it all is better. safer. Real fear is being so scared of the demons in your mind, of yourself, that you believe dragging a blade across your skin or numbing the pain through pills is better. Real fear is waking up the morning after last nights deserpate a contemplations and actions, petrified of the following day, disappointed that a tedious alarm woke you up instead of a blinding, all-consuming light. A light that you believe will take away your pain. That is ‘fear’. My fear.
—  My 1am thoughts

my sister just rushed into my room and saw i was editing some pictures and didn’t want to leave my room until i uploaded those two on tumblr because she thought they were beautiful, so yeah here we are. (sorry for the scars by the way, but i’m not refusing to show a part of me.)