So based on spoilers, it seems very likely that Rumple and Belle will share True Love’s Kiss in the season finale, freeing him from the Dark One’s curse, and leading to Emma becoming the new Dark One. But what if next season we get a parallel and Regina shares TLK with Emma to free her from the curse? We all know how they love their parallels! *prays for this* 

Just read some rumors of the 5th season, and I’m really disappointed (if they’re real rumors)

First of all, we would see an other Enchanted Forest, kinda like a “parallel world”. In this new Enchanted Forest, everything would be different, and Rumple would be a prince.


Fucking gawd yeah.

But that’s just the beggining: Rumple would be a prince, and he would marry Cora! And they’ll have Regina and Zel, and they will be happy sisters! 

Now there’s the Charmings: Snow White and Prince Charming would be together, and they would have Emma, but she would born as a villain.



I bet that’s not fake, because a fan just took a photo with Bobby, and he was dressed in kinda “Prince Charming” clothes (I don’t have the photo here, srry).

Seriously, I will drop OUAT if this happens. I almost dropped now, in the 4B, imagine if they do something like that .-.

And I’m not complaining just bcause Rumple and Belle are not going to be together: neither Regina and Robin or Emma and Killian will. So I think many (MANY) people will drop the series, ‘cause CaptainSwan, OutlawQueen and Rumbelle are the most popular shipps. Plus the fact that this new history will mess up all the amazing characters that they’ve all turned on. Damn, I can’t believe that we will have a fucking season 5A as trash as that.

Just my oppinion, srry if I offended somebody

The Alternative Universe we’ve seen in the Spoiler Photos

Here’s an idea. It’s the Enchanted Forest. They will begin Season Five with false memories. It’s the exact reverse of what we had at the beginning of the first series. 

In the first season, Regina cast a dark Curse that sent everybody from the Enchanted Forest to Storybrooke with false memories. When Emma’s True Love for Henry broke that Curse, their memories returned, but they were still in Storybrooke. 

In the third season, Pan cast the Curse again, sending everybody back to the Enchanted Forest with their memories intact. Emma has stayed in the real world because Henry can’t be transported back with a Curse. He was born in the Land Without Magic. Emma and Henry have false memories. Neal, sharing Rumple’s body, sends a message to Emma telling her to come home, and Hook ends up being the person who delivers it and convinces her to return. 

Back in the Enchanted Forest, Belle manages to pull Rumplestiltskin out of his tortured insanity in the cage long enough to tell them that Glinda can help them defeat Zelena. The Charmings find Zelena, and discover they must cast the Curse again. They sacrifice David’s heart, share Snow’s together, and cast the Curse. Zelena drops in an extra element: they have lost their memories of the past year in the Enchanted Forest. They return to the Storybrooke in which they currently live  When Emma returns to Storybrooke, Henry still does not have his memories, and they only come back with Regina’s True Love’s Kiss. 

I think, when Emma stabs that thing, whatever it is, with the Dagger, she will not only become the New Dark One, but take them back to the Enchanted Forest. Something or somebody else - possibly the Author - will leave them with false memories. 

The Happy Endings for the Villains. 

The rest is really spoiler-heavy. There’s a lot of speculation, too, because I can’t get confirmation on all this other stuff. 

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We know that Belle goes looking for Rumple in ep 20 (presumably after SQ get back from their road trip Regina mentions to Belle that Rumple is losing his humanity). Assuming she finds him on the brink of death, she might believe that in order for a TLK that will save him, they have to be in FTL. 

Could Belle be the one to zap everyone into the AU?

Rumple has the author’s pen and will probably collect some ink from Cruella’s dead body; does Belle write them all back to FTL?

I’d like this to happen for two reasons: first, tired of retcons–if TLK hasn’t happened in SB, I don’t want to hear it’s because Rumple didn’t want it, or Belle didn’t accept him. it’s because magic is different there, as Kitsowitz have been saying for three seasons.

But second and more important: this entire arc is supposed to be about good characters doing back things. Snowing are eggnappers, Emma is a psycho killer (eyeroll!), Robin is a dolt who throws a guy who’s just had a heart attack into the street, and even Regina is back to her old ways. The only “good” person who hasn’t failed somehow is Belle. WE may think there is something wrong with giving the item that can control Rumple to his oldest enemy who has a recharged grudge, but the SHOW thinks that the Killybunny is the most wonderful, trustworthy, saintly friend a gal can have (even though he’s hasn’t given her the time of day since he stopped needing her). Belle cursing everyone to save the person she loves is the sort of well-intentioned selfish action the others have made, and I would so enjoy Belle having an actual part in this story rather than just being a plot device for Rumple’s angst.

What Gold said in a deleted scene in early S4

“Magic can never be destroyed, it just lives on in different forms”

This makes me think of the Dark One and the spoiler video from the finale filming.

Ingrid met Emma because she wanted her to replace her lost sister

Lily met and befriended Emma because her parents’ actions tied them together

Neal met Emma because his father’s actions brought him to this realm, and their kid was how Emma would get to Storybrooke and break the Dark Curse

it was always fate, or part of someone’s plan

But you know who wasn’t part of any plan? Who came sweeping in out of left field and got caught up in something bigger than himself and CHOSE her despite all of the obstacles and challenges and heartbreak he had to face, who would fight fate itself in order to be with her?