anonymous said:

i love once upon a clock tick and all but is it going to be gelphie? i really do love it its a really cool idea and i love bubbles but it looks like its going to be fiyeraba and you usually write gelphie....

Okay, I’m about to be really serious about this for a minute and it’s going to sound so stupid because I’m getting serious over fanfiction of all things.

Yeah, I do usually write Gelphie but I don’t write for ships specifically. It just so happens that a lot of my writing is ship oriented. I don’t write for ships, I write for cool ideas. 

Once Upon a Clock-Tick isn’t Gelphie or Fiyeraba oriented, its Elphaba, Fiyero, and Glinda oriented. Do you get what I’m saying? 

I’ve gotten two other messages asking about whether Once Upon a Clock-Tick is going to be Gelphie or Fiyeraba or Gelphie vs. Fiyeraba or whatever and I kind of felt bad for ignoring them but here’s my answer. 

No, there won’t be any Gelphie and yes, I guess if you do want to focus on ships, it is Fiyeraba. Just know, however, that Fiyeraba is not the point of the story, it’s about revolutions and mysteries. Fiyero and Elphaba are in a relationship because that how the musical was canonically left off and I know I’ve been mixing book canon with musical canon and then adding my own canon but I needed them to be together for this story. I’m not going to make their relationship a huge point. 

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