Favorite signature-gathering people, Timbers Game edition

Favorite person by far: after a while of collecting, the next guy in line looked familiar, and when I turned to him to say “Do you want to help legalize marriage equality?”, he cut me off with his own question:

"I wanted to know if you wanted to legalize going on a date with me?"

Now, this guy had signed probably 5-10 minutes ago, and had come back and stood next to the line while I gathered signatures.  Dismayed that I had to let him down, I smiled widely with a tinge of sadness and informed that unfortunately for him I was straight.  I reassured him that I thought he was awesome, and gave him a high five for his line and guts.  I still feel really bad for breaking his heart a little bit, but what are you gonna do?  I hope he at least walked away knowing that I think he’s great.

Asking-out dude supplanted my runner-up, who was also pretty awesome: there were three twenty-something guys, and when I asked if they wanted to sign they did the classic shrug/sub-verbal non-committal noise that means “don’t want to”, so I went on down the line.  A few signatures later, one of the three guys from earlier jogged up and said “hey, come down here, I’ve got a couple more for you.”  Apparently he had already signed, and after I left talked to his friends and convinced them that they should sign too.  Thanks, friend-convincer.  People like you make a difference.

Honorable mentions: kid who was too young to sign but said he wanted to volunteer because he lived in Tualatin and knew we didn’t have as many people out there, and Trader Joe’s manager/owner who said he’d tell all his employees they should sign and invited me to visit his store in East Hollywood.



Freedom to Marry petitions are in!  This is Go Time!  Oregon, get ready, because starting Friday there will be people swarming the state with petitions for marriage equality, and every last one of you Oregon voters that follows me had better track one of us down and sign it, because this is going to happen big time. 

Or, if you want to be even more awesome and be one of those people swarming the state, follow this handy-dandy link and sign yourself up for a peition-gatherer training!  They’re super easy, it takes 15 minutes, and there are trainings all day and all over the state on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (for starters).  I’ll be in Portland most of the weekend, so come on by and I’ll show you the ropes.

Come visit me today at the Democratic Party of Oregon office and sign the freedom to marry petition (if you’re in PDX)! Or you can totally swing by the #OU4M/Basic Rights Oregon office as well!📋✒👭👬👫💜. (at Democratic Party of Oregon)