Haikyu!! RPers Attention Please

Since there’s apparently a dick playing around on our playground, why don’t we drown them out with some good songs. Just pick a song that makes you feel better when you’re down and either upload it to Tumblr or send us a link to one on a website.

Here’s mine:

American Girl- Tom Petty

On parla des passions. “Ah ! qu’elles sont funestes ! disait Zadig. - Ce sont les vents qui enflent les voiles du vaisseau, repartit l’ermite : elles le submergent quelquefois ; mais sans elles il ne pourrait voguer. La bile rend colère et malade ; mais sans la bile l’homme ne saurait vivre. Tout est dangereux ici-bas, et tout est nécessaire.
—  Voltaire, Zadig ou la Destinée.
To My Suga's, My Poor Yams, My King And The Queen

I love all my followers, but you four have been so much fun to talk to lately.

rlxsugamama; you are actually the first person I plotted with and it is so much fun! I won’t lie.

silversetter: you are awesome to talk to, don’t change and I can’t wait for when we can start plotting our roleplay.

flowerboytadashi: you make it to easy to be mean, but I have to love you and your partner in crime, iwxizumi (you two are a pair in my mind like Simon and Garfunkle and I always lump you together even though it’s not fair to iwxizumi), for bringing that satanic iwayama ship to life. Plus I got to write that story to upset you two and nothing will ever take that suffering away from you.

karasuno-ou: you know how awesome I think you are, right? That is all.

kixoko-san: You do realize your the reason I have decided to start this blog right? You have cursed the rp community with me and as happy as it makes me to be part of such a great community, you started this and I’m thankful to you for it.

All my other followers, I think all of you are awesome, so don’t read too much into this, I’ve just talked to these guys more and I’m more comfortable putting them tags, and I’ll be honest I’ll make sure I’ll get to that point with all of you RP blogs and make you sorry you ever followed me.

Stop worrying about how you feel.

You lied, you cheated, you lusted, you gorged. You snapped, you hated, you cussed, you masturbated. You killed, you manipulated, you rejected or ignored.

You sinned.

God doesn’t want just half of your heart. God doesn’t want you to talk to Him only when you’re in the mood to do so. God wants all of you. He wants you when you’re sinless and when you’re sinful. He wants you on the days when you’re strong and on the days when you relapse. He doesn’t want just your beautiful parts, He wants everything.

Stop staying excuses. Stop listening to the devil. Stop thinking you can’t “go to God” because you feel you’re too unclean, ugly, or dirty. Stop worrying about how you feel because it’s not about you. Run to Him, even if you’d rather be dormant. Go to Him even if you’d rather hide in your guilt.

Ignore your laziness, embarrassment, and shame and go spend some time with the One who died for every dirty thing you think keeps Him away.

—  have you read your bible today? - c.h.