Ho-ou or Hō-ō (Japanese Phoenix)

Sometimes incorrectly called the Hoo-hoo or Hoo-oo (usually due to transcription errors) the Ho-ou, or Japanese Phoenix is a fine creature usually around the size of a mute swan, and sometimes larger still. Known to often have a near-symbiotic relationships with the Japanese Serpent Dragons (also called “Ryuu” or “竜”) Ho-ous are much respected birds in Japan and to possess one is generally considered a marker of good character, as the Ho-ou will leave a wix they feel does not live up to the moral standards of the bird.

Usually quite friendly toward wixes, especially those a Ho-ou considers its own, Ho-ous happily take names regardless of traditional gender associations, usually preferring the meaning to the point of not minding the traditional gendering of the name. Unlike some types of Firebird however, Ho-ous will not sit by and let their wix make mistakes or foolish decisions, and will sometimes clash with their wix when such matters come up. In the experience of many wixes who possess Ho-ous, its generally best to do what the bird wants.

Ho-ou feathers are sometimes donated by the birds to wandmakers and when bound to Cherry wood wands can be of surprising power and versatility. Sometimes the woody stem of Falling Lamp Flower Vines are used with Ho-ou feathers, creating wands especially good at light-bringing spells, fire spells and healing charms. When matched with Japanese Maple, Ho-ou feather wands gain considerable power, and increase the strength of spells cast even by those otherwise magically weak.

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(Information on folkloric Ho-ou can be found here)

anonymous said:

Would you share 5 unlikely ships that you have for J'son (on this blog)? You can the people involved.



A LIKELY ship is, of course, Meredith/J’Son.

Unlikely is as follows:

  1. Yondu/J’Son
  2. Jor-El/J’Son
  3. Meg/J’Son ( domxnae​) //I can see it happening in the future
  4. Carol/J’Son ( msmarvel-ous​ // you know…if they’re both drunk and not about to kill each other)

Aaaannnnd 5?….I may have to think about 5. He’s kinda weird and picky about people he finds attractive. 

5 may be Victoria’s ‘other dad’ XD