"Marik changes a lot over the course of the series."

Marik’s attitude and outlook of life in general shifts numerous times throughout the series. So, depending on what time frame we look at, I think Marik’s ability to be in any kind of relationship would shift as well.

When Marik first left the Tombs, I really doubt that a relationship would be anywhere on his list of things to do. He was warped from his time underground and all that happened there, hell-bent on finding the Pharaoh, who he held solely responsible for the fate of his family. The only relationships he had ever had before were strictly family, and even those were ‘less-than-normal’.

It is also possible that, beyond any idea of ‘normal’ relationships of any kind, he had never received any kind of ‘sex education’ during his time underground. I doubt that his father was in any state of mind to teach him about something like that before he died. If Rishid or Ishizu knew more than he did, they could have taught him, depending on the time frame.

But my point with this is simple. Marik had a warped view of human relationships, even with Rishid, who he was closer to than anyone. I find it very difficult to imagine that he would have any ability or desire to form a ‘romantic’ relationship with anyone during the time after he left the tombs.

It is possible that he experimented sexually during this time, though; once he learned more about sex itself, the fact remains that he was a teenager, and it can be assumed he had a sex drive. Maybe he already knew how to pleasure himself, but as he learned more about sex itself, that drive coupled with his relatively unstable emotions could have lead him to bed with strangers, or maybe some of his own servants (like the Ghouls).

Moving forward on the timeline, we can look at how Marik behaves during the beginning of Battle City. By this point, he has been out in the ‘real world’ for some time now. His grudge against the Pharaoh has not subsided in the slightest, but his ability to be around and interact with other people has improved. He knew exactly how to behave around the main characters to avoid suspicion.

I still think that he would be unwilling to get himself involved in any relationships at this point. He is still too motivated by his personal goals to let something like that get in the way. However, I do feel like he would be more thoughtful when it comes to sex. More cunning, at least. He would not take a partner to bed as a lover, but to gain something. It would not be random, or experimental like maybe it used to be.

Once the tournament takes to the skies, Marik becomes so entirely focused on his goals that nothing would distract him, not even casual or manipulative sex. By that point he was willing to risk Rishid’s life and well-being to keep up his own facade, so I highly doubt that anything else would pull his mind to other things.

In the time shortly after the Battle City chaos concluded, I can see there being at least a brief period where Marik finds himself considering the possibility of a romantic / more normal sexual relationship, but feeling too… wary of himself. He knows that his darker self is gone, he watched it happen, but having spent all those years knowing that he was just below the surface of his mind… that kind of feeling would be hard to let go of. It would be more of a dissonance between the logical part of his mind, and the emotional memories he holds. He knows that his darker self is gone, but he has a harder time letting go of the idea that he might, someday, rear his head again.

I think, though, that with the support and help of Rishid and Ishizu, this period of time would not last very long.

After that, I think Marik could be a very good lover. Any sex that he may have had before would probably have been rough, passion-less. Maybe even violent. Because that is the kind of person he was at the time. All his passion was focused on moving forward with his plans, fueled by his hurt and anger. But I think that by the end of the series, and beyond, that will have subsided considerably.

He knows full well what kind of pain people can cause each other, and the kinds of pains he has caused others. Even if he was not in a romantic relationship, even if he was having a kind of ‘no-strings-attached’ sexual relationship, it would be different than before. Man or woman, whether he was on top or bottom, the biggest change I can picture is that he would become more considerate. There would be no ulterior motives anymore.

As for relationships, I imagine that if he did end up in one, it would take some getting used to. Despite how he changed, and how much better off he would be, a romantic relationship would be something new to him. It would take some experimenting, some practice. Maybe a few failed relationships.

But, overall, I think that by post-series, Marik could be a very caring lover, very devoted to his partner. He has been through a lot, and caused  a lot of harm in his past, and he has learned from that. I imagine he would have grown very much as a person, and that would show in his relationships.

[I am glad you like my musings, it makes me happy to hear that! I try to keep them based on things I remember from the series and add in my own headcanons in places too. I hope this answered your question!]

"Rebecca added nothing of value to the series"

I am sure that this is a rather redundant statement. I am sure that the majority of the viewers of Yu-Gi-Oh! did not even need to think, ponder, or contemplate it to understand it.

However, due to a recent encounter with a rabid Rebecca fan, I felt the need to put this up.

I mean, really, what did she do in the entire series? (If I leave an event out, please pardon my mistake and realize that forgetting something about a character who shows up so little really only proves my point)


1. Became a semi-rival-in-love for Anzu (oh no)

2. She provided us with (hooray!) more filler (after Duelist Kingdom)

3. She returned to assist us with more filler (DOMA) after apparently becoming less of an annoyingly-childish little twat and more of a random, ‘overly-powered’ Mary Sue

I just… she does not even have the ‘sexy’ appeal of the Black Magician Girl (unless you are into arrogant, show-off-y lolis…?) so I am truely lost as to why she has really… any fans.

I left the picture blank of text because I really had no idea what to put there.

I have seen only brief pieces of GX and, frankly, know next to nothing about it, so I cannot be 100% sure of the reasons for anything in it. Just saying.

But my first thought about Ryou’s absence from the show, from what I know of it, is: he is no longer relevant. He played a major, if somewhat backwards, role in the first anime, in that he hosted Yami Bakura’s spirit. While Ryou himself did play a few key roles in the series (though mostly Season 0 or the manga), as his own person he was rarely present during the events of the plot. He had his moments, and he is a greatly loved character of the fandom, but from what I understand, he is not needed anymore.

If I understand correctly, Yugi and Seto Kaiba both make an appearance in GX. (Again, I have never seen it, so I have no idea if other characters show up or not.) These two make sense to me: Yugi is the King of Games, and Seto Kaiba is the CEO of the company that really helped Duel Monsters take off after Pegasus left the picture. Since GX takes place not long after the first series (compared to something like 5Ds, I believe), both Yugi and Seto are still relevant people in Domino City, especially in the dueling community.

Ryou, on the other hand, just is not as important to the ‘story’ after the events of the memory world. Or at least, not that I could imagine.

That is the best I can think of!

anonymous asked:

Do you think Yugi is really 5 feet, he looks more like 4'5 or something.

He is a drawn, fictional character who has changed styles and animators over time. His height is not going to remain perfectly consistent, nor be 100% accurate to the official listing.

But as far as I know, his official height is roughly 5 feet. (Someone can correct me if I am wrong.)

This is also a question that you could use Google to answer.

My opinion on what Yugi’s height may be is irrelevant, since it has an official number, and this Musing blog is primarily used for my own opinions and/or headcanons, depending on the Ask I receive.