The little details in life counts

Who knew the little details in life can be so important! it can actually define who you are and memories makes it so important. It could be a park, an organization or a club, or even lessons you are taking up (like taekwondo, guitar, swimming, etc).

Recently I received really heartbreaking news, my taekwondo gym just shut down (I wrote about it before when I was new in tumblr). This gym was not just an ordinary gym, this gym is filled with encouraging, talented, violent and fun students and coaches, even the 4 year olds were really talented in sparring!!!! (im not going to say the reason why it shut down to protect the gym) to be honest I really got sad and it felt like a part of me was torn. To be honest I want them to re-open so much that I would be willing to help them if I can.

So the next time that you see little detail, show them how much you appreciate them, you never know what will happen to them.

Status Update

So… Hey. It’s been what, over half a year since the last chapter got released?

Sounds about right.

No, this is not me putting OTTC on a(n announced) hiatus. And neither is this me saying that the fic will be abandoned, unfinished forever.

This is me saying I am so sorry for the wait and that the next chapter should be up before November arrives or within the first November week. Not later. I don’t want it to be up later. Kick me in the butt if it gets released later.

While we’re on the topic already, let me tell you about how many chapters will be added to the story. As of now, not counting the chapter I’m working on right now, there will be two more chapters, perhaps three. Four is highly unlikely but not out of the question.

And they will deal with the second part of the prompt, which was Karkat and Eridan being bounced at each other for shenanigans. This will happen, whether they like it or not. Feferi will watch and laugh at Eridan’s misery like a true friend.

That’s the plan for now.

Again, I am sorry for the long wait. Since autumn/winter season seems to be my primary writing seasons, I’m hoping to get OTTC finished within the year.

Thanks to my followers for sticking around without updates for so long. You’re very, very patient people.

OOC Post:I am as of now working on a city map for the OTTC verse...

I dunno if I will upload it, but it will help me get stuff more consistent, and help me put more stuff out there more often, in any case, I think.

Hope to have a good portion of it started, and “finished” by tomorrow.

Also hope to start writing the series a little bit too xD