Missing a 1 kg brick of illegal hashish? Call Hawkesbury OPP

Did you or someone you know forget a solid brick of hashish in an Enterprise rental car dropped off in Hawkesbury earlier this month?

If so, Ontario Provincial Police would love to talk to you.

The Enterprise Rent-a-Car shop in Hawkesbury called OPP on Dec. 12 to investigate a strange smell emanating from some items that had been taken out of a returned rental car, according to a police media release.

The items were retrieved from the rental car by an employee just a few days earlier and were “stored for safe keeping in case the client came back to retrieve” them.

But the smell forced an employee to inspect the package more closely, and they “noticed that the item was possibly illicit drugs,” the release said.

OPP officers called to the shop came to seize the package, “which was revealed to be approximately 1 kg of hashish, in a solid brick form.”

Anyone with information about the brick of hashish is asked to call Const. Sébastien Brisson at the Hawkesbury OPP detachment at 613-632-2729 or 1-888-310-1122.


Christmas lights in

Vancouver (Canada)

Toronto (Canada)

Montréal (Canada)

Ottawa (Canada)

Mexico City (Mexico)

Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Medellin (Colombia)

Honolulu (Hawaii)

Phoenix (Arizona)

Update! So our first show as a business was a success!
People had a good time, great feedback and we are already in the works for the second showcase. Ill be posting more images so stay tuned. Ps Check us out @ grpvn.ca and instagram as well at @thegrpvn

This photo was taken about a year ago one of my favorites from the series,  model:lydise suspendedinlight Hope to photograph her again soon.


A friend of ours, Navid Nasir, is missing in the Ottawa (Canada) location. Please contact police immediately if you’ve seen him/have any information!!!! His family and friends are very worried.

Contact the Ottawa Police Service East District Investigations Office at 613-236-1222 extension 3566, the East Division Staff Sergeant’s Desk at extension 3212 or the Missing Person’s Unit at extension 2355.

———— IN ADDITION, the police have described him as a middle eastern man, but he is from Bangladesh, although he can be mistaken for middle eastern. Last seen wearing all black!

Making of the Korra Cosplay:

1: An official character design page for Korra’s first season outfit. Referring to a reference image helps you visualize what you’re trying to create and to keep it authentic.

2: 2nd picture shows the materials.
-Approx. a yard of felt
-A blue turtleneck shirt for alteration (or for the ambitious soul, approx. 2 yards of jersey material *or similar stretch fabric* and a pattern for a mandarin collar shirt
-1/2 yard of thin blue fabric of your choice
-Yard of white fabric of your choice
-1 pair of expendable long white and navy blue socks
-2 yards of white faux fur trim (don’t use real, c’mon save the animals man! Lol) or an old piece of clothing that has enough fur trim on it.
-1 pair of old blue sweat pants (they should technically be lighter than mine, but whatever…) or approx. 4 yards of blue fabric of your choice and a baggy pants pattern.
-1 tube of white acrylic paint
-Inexpensive/old pair of faux fur trimmed suede boots

3: A blue turtleneck was bought…because I only had 3 days to make this before the event, so I thought it would buy me some time and be simpler. Well…surprise! That’s not how things go. They only had 2 sizes so the one I got was waaaay too big for me. Had to seriously take it in at the neck and the center-back. I then I cut off the arms and altered the neckline, a bit of an ordeal. :-P

4: Korra’s outer skirt I made with leftover felt material I had from design school. I found felt kept shape much better than the semi-suede like materials and as a plus for those looking to make it, it’s cheaper too! Afterwards, I cut an old faux-fur head cover and trimmed the skirt with it. I hand stitched all the skirt and used waist ties from an old shirt for the skirt ties. Her inner skirt was simple, cut and sewn in the shape of an isosceles triangle, from some old Italian imported dark navy blue silk I had. (A bit of luxury for Korra, why not?) xD
If you don’t have the skill or time, just make it big enough to tie in the back, but if you have the time try inserting velcro in the back on the corner edges of the inner skirt. And Voilà!

5: A picture of me making Korra’s headpieces. I used empty thread spools for her side hair accessories and cut a small bit of a paper towel roll for the top piece, painted them stark white with acrylic paint and covered them with a thin blue crepe-like material from an old skirt I had.

6: Testing out the new hair accessories and giving the new hairstyle a test run.

7:Trying the skirt on, fits well. So I go ahead and make the reinforcement stitches.

8: Testing out the whole ensemble together. After making adjustments to the back, the shirt fits better, so I go ahead and begin with the alteration of the neckline and the white piping for the sleeves.

9: Armbands were made with long socks and a shirt sleeve from the shirt. Final touches and complete!

10: Meeting up with another Korra at the Pop Expo, dream come true! Hey 2 benders are better than 1, right? ;-)

*Notes: Pants & Boots: Buy a simple, loose pants pattern, gather stitch the leg bottoms, or if you’re pushed for time or skill, use old sweat pants. In regards to the boots, I’m not skilled in shoe making and it’s hard to find good Korra boot tutorials that actually look like her shoes in the show. I didn’t have the material or skill so I bought some super cheap ones at GT that fit the look.

Anyways if anyone’s planning a Korra cosplay, I hope this helps…Ciao!